Big Sexy Hair: Powder Play vs. Aveda Pure Abundance Hair Potion

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If you’re one of those people who insist on washing your hair every morning because you just can’t face going out with flat hair, then – you’re like me. I’ll wash my hair with my favorite shampoo for oily hair, straighten it, spray it, style it, and go out and have some fun. The next morning I look like someone flattened my hair with a rolling pin. Sound familiar? Well I got tired of putting in all that effort, only to have to repeat it all over again the next day. Who has time to do this kind of stuff everyday anyway?

Woman shielding her eyes in shower.

Showering is a part of my daily routine.

I decided to take action. I wanted to find a product which I could use to revitalize my flat and lifeless hair the next morning. So, I went out and bought Big Sexy Hair Powder Play and Aveda Pure Abundance Hair Potion. I couldn’t decide which one to choose and I thought that I may as well try both to see which does the better job.

The aim was for me to find a volumizing product that I could apply to refresh my hair without me having to go through the whole hair routine again. Didn’t you know that washing your hair everyday is bad for you?

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Getting To Know Big Sexy And Aveda

Big Sexy Hair product for hair volume.

Big Sexy Hair powder play.

Sexy Hair’s products are aimed at making you feel sexy, the name says it all really. Their focus is creativity, passion, innovation and style. The Powder Play product in particular focuses on having Big Sexy Hair. The bottle claims that within seconds you can add instant volume to your hair. Aveda combines beauty and the environment. Plant-based products, respecting the world we live in, and using natural ingredients where possible is their way of doing things. Both products are powders that instantly liquefy when applied.

Ingredients: Big Sexy vs. Aveda

Aveda Pure Abundance hair potion product bottle.

Aveda Pure Abundance hair potion.

Considering Sexy Hair doesn’t seem to make any mention of prioritizing natural ingredients, this product is pretty harmless and the ingredient list quite short. There are a couple of chemical ingredients on there but I’m also seeing Passiflora Edulis Seed Oil and Oriza Savita Rice Bran Oil, both of which sound quite tasty. These are supposed to naturally revitalize and protect the hair. Aveda’s ingredient list is completely different and slightly longer.

There are one or two ingredients that don’t appear to be natural but you’ve also got things like Marshmallow Root Extract which sounds utterly irresistible and Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice.  The ingredient Aveda seem to focus on the most is Acacia Senegal. Acacia wood was seen as a sacred material by the Hebrews, yet in recent years has been discovered to add volume to fine hair.

Texture: Big Sexy vs. Aveda

It’s important to use just the right amount of powder (a really small amount) for your hair. Remember, this takes time to perfect. If you use too much of either product your hair will look greasy and will turn into a tangled mess. Yes, I am speaking from experience. And yes, I had to go and wash my hair again. Since both products are powders that liquefy once you rub your hands together, the texture was exactly the same and I have no complaints.

Price: Big Sexy vs. Aveda

Sexy Hair is a lot cheaper at $16.95 on their website, and on Amazon it is only $9.09 right now! Aveda’s price is a little harder to swallow at $24 on their website and $19.50 on Amazon. In both cases, a little goes a long way and the products could potentially last for months.

Results: Big Sexy vs. Aveda

Sexy Hair’s powder really helped my hair not look as greasy (when using the right amount of powder, i.e. a very small amount). My hair is dark and the powder blended right in. And most importantly, it instantly added extra volume to my flat hair. Instead of doing a complete morning routine, I applied the powder and 10 minutes later I was looking pretty presentable. Unfortunately it doesn’t last the whole day. I have to bring the bottle along with me if I’m going to be out a while.

Aveda’s product also had me looking good in minutes but my hair felt sticky and sometimes even clumpy.  It certainly did its job though and I only needed to apply the powder on once and that would take me through the day. My hair looked full and thick from morning till night.

So, Which Powder Would I Buy Again?

Both products did a great job in saving me precious time in the morning by not having to fiddle with my hair too much. Though Sexy Hair’s didn’t last through the entire day as Aveda’s did, it isn’t an issue for me to reapply it again towards the afternoon because on Amazon it sells at half the price of what Aveda’s powder sells for. I also appreciated the feel of my hair more with Sexy Hair’s powder, whereas Aveda’s made me feel a bit sticky.

If you’re just looking for a great product at a great price to add volume to your hair I would recommend Sexy Hair. If you want the reassurance that the ingredients you’re using are natural and environmentally friendly then Aveda would be your choice, but that comes at a price.

2018 Update: Am I Still Using Big Sexy And Aveda?

Due to the nature of my job, I’m forced to try out a wide variety of products over the course of year. So it’s quite rare that I find a product that I really like and tend to keep using. When it comes to dry shampoos, frankly, they aren’t something that I use on a regular basis. I generally prefer taking the time out to treat my hair correctly with a good wash and condition, ideally with my own DIY Shampoo, followed up with a nice essential oil treatment for long term hydration and to nourish my hair where shampoos and conditions fail to do so.

However, I do always keep a containers worth of powder shampoo in my bathroom for those emergency situations or if I plan on going on an adventure where I’m unsure if I’ll have access to a shower or might need to treat my hair on the move.

I’ve gone through a few powder shampoos over my life, but I will admit that after trying both of these products out, the one that stuck with me is the Big Sexy Powder Play dry shampoo. While I don’t think you’d be making the wrong choice by going with Aveda, I just found that my hair personally took to the Powder Play a lot better. The results were thicker locks, better volume and a generally more controllable mane.

I’ll let you make your own choices here, as not every hair type is the same. I tend to have a naturally more oily hair type and found that a dry shampoo like Powder Play lent itself better to controlling my oily hair and managing my curls. For straighter hair types or drier hair types, I would recommend Aveda.


Ultimately, dry shampoo will never work as well at keeping your hair and scalp clean as a wet shampoo does. However, for those with sensitive hair and skin types and who find that using conventional shampoos can harm or irritate their hair, can use dry shampoos as a safer alternative.

I don’t tend to use dry shampoos often, but I’d highly recommend them as a cheaper alternative for those with sensitive hair and skin types. I’ve recommended them to a handful of my friends in recent times and I’ve only heard good things in response.

A lot of us tend to forget that we don’t actually need to wash our hair as often as we do and that doing so can be detrimental to the health of our hair, rather than making it stronger. Dry shampoos are a good alternative, allowing you to keep your hair smelling fresh and clean, whilst controlling the oil levels on your scalp without damaging the natural protein content of your hair follicles by stripping them away with harmful, chemical-based shampoos. Just some food for thought.

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