The Very Best Volumizing Shampoos Your Flat Hair Needs Right Now

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They say the grass is always greener on the other side. But in the case of lifeless hair, there really is something worth coveting in a little extra volume. What can’t a little lift do for you? From a strictly hair health angle, it leaves you with cleansed strands; but it also gives you that fresh feeling, frees you up for a slow-mo hair flip and opens up your beautiful face for the world to see. I’ve had some very real days where flat hair translated into flat mood.

The same way that it’s difficult not to smile when you’re in bright colors (just me?), it’s hard not to get a little perky when you’re hair is whipping around your face like a mermaid on the bow of a pirate ship. This classic symbol of freedom and sensuality isn’t always so easily achieved. For some, it just takes a generic wash and they’re windswept and leading the fleet into adventure. For others, their hair needs a little extra help. That’s where volumizing shampoo comes in.

What Is Volumizing Shampoo?

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Girl with voluminous hair.

Volumizing shampoo is all about giving your hair lift and bounce. It does this by stripping away all the icky gunk weighing your hair down. Whether that comes from excess product, environmental factors, or overstimulated oil glands, volumizing shampoos have got you. But wait, your hair isn’t naturally oily and you’re still experiencing hair that falls on your scalp like it just ran a 20k? This could mean you have fine hair. Your hair might be perfectly healthy, but the natural make up of fine hair means it’s just a little limp. Volumizing shampoo will lift your hair at the root and perk it up, to turn your fine hair into the finest hair. Wink.

What Kind Of Hair Needs Volumizing Shampoo?

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Liven up flat hair.

Ultimately, volumizing shampoos are for dull, flat hair that’s lacking that little bit of pizzazz, and fine hair who’s idea of a life of its own is no life at all.  Having said that: in my humble opinion, all hair types can benefit from a volumizing shampoo. They tend to moisturize your hair without weighing it down, and who doesn’t want a little bounce in their step? If you have fine, flat hair you could definitely use some extra volume, but I don’t like to say that you’re the only ones who could use an added kick. For the perfect volumizing shampoo to get your locks bouncing, here are my top 5 reviewed recommendations. 

Top 5 Volumizing Shampoos Reviewed 2018

1. Herbal Essences Body Envy Shampoo Review

Bottle of Herbal Essences Body Envy Volumizing Shampoo.

Herbal Essences Body Envy Volumizing Shampoo.

Let’s start with Herbal Essences Body Envy. You know the fragrance, now know your product. It’s easy when you’re at the store to just grab whichever one of the brightly colored Herbal Essence bottles are closest. You know it’s quality and you know it smells good. But Herbal Essences doesn’t just go around mass producing shampoos to keep the supermarket aisle colorful, their range actually has different functions. Herbal Essences Body Envy will give you a light citrus-y, clean smell while giving your locks the lift they crave. You’ll feel like you’re on a Hawaiian vacation every time you close your eyes, breathe in, and run your fingers through your hair. So, next time you’re looking for that added volume just make sure you pick up the orange bottle. Orange! Bottle!

2. Aveda Pure Abundance Shampoo Review

Bottle of Aveda Pure Abundance Volumizing Shampoo.

Aveda Pure Abundance Volumizing Shampoo.

What do you think when you read Aveda? Clean, minimalist, quality, right? Of course, right! When it comes to volume, Aveda have an entire range dedicated to boosting your hair. Created with fine hair in mind, the Aveda Pure Abundance range is up there in terms of quality, formula and scent. The signature scent comes from pure floral essences like jasmine, peppermint and palmarosa so you won’t only look like you just stepped out of an exotic hot spring, you’ll smell like it, too.

I’m a big fan of synchronicity when it comes to hair care routine. I love finding a brand that does it all. In terms of scent it gives you that signature whiff, instead of a concoction of confusion; in terms of hair care, using the same range means that your hair can acclimatize and respond to your new routine quickly and more effectively.

3. Joico Body Luxe Shampoo Review

Bottle of Joico Body Luxe Volumizing Shampoo.

Joico Body Luxe Volumizing Shampoo.

Humectants, what are they? They’re a group of natural ingredients that attract moisture from their surroundings. Most beauty products contain some humectants, but Joico Body Luxe is unique in its use of natural humectants. What’s the difference, I hear you ask? Synthetic humectants pull moisture without replenishing the original source, natural humectants do it all. This means that if you’re using a synthetic-based shampoo, the oil from your scalp will be distributed through your hair follicle keeping it strong and shiny for a while, but resulting in long-term damage to your poor, parched scalp.

Joico’s natural ingredients mean that your strands stay naturally hydrated and your scalp gets to enjoy the same treatment! This is amazing news for volume seekers as you need an even distribution from scalp to tip to create a light, bouncy look and feel.

But wait, there’s more! That’s right kids, you’ve not only got your lightweight moisture down, but Joico Body Luxe is based in oatmeal. Yup, the very same protein that keeps you strong and full for hours does the same for your hair. This shampoo is a small price jump from the others, but it’s definitely on the higher end of the drug store brands.

4. Bumble and bumble Thickening Volume Shampoo Review

Bottle of Bumble And Bumble Thickening Volume Shampoo.

Bumble And Bumble Thickening Volume Shampoo.

Bumble and Bumble just makes people happy. From their cutesy name to its cult following, the Bumble and bumble guys are doing something right. How do they get it so right? Years and years of industry experience, that’s how. Starting out as a single salon in NYC, Bumble and bumble branched out into an empire to fill a gap in the product market that they felt needed filling. Talk about ingenuity! Their products come at salon standards, so you’ll see them in your sister’s bedroom and at your stylist’s chair.

Their thickening shampoo, Bumble and Bumble Thickening Volume shampoo, is loved by all as a two-in-one thickening and volumizing shampoo. What’s the difference? Thickening works from within the strand whereas volume works from the root. The key is always lightweight. Lightweight and moisturizing is a very delicate balance as oils almost always weigh your hair down. But somehow this guy gets it done.

5. Sebastian Volupt Shampoo Review

Bottle of Sebastian Volupt Volumizing Shampoo.

Sebastian Volupt Volumizing Shampoo.

What’s all the fuss about Sebastian Volupt? I mean, it’s Sebastian. They’ve been around since the 70’s, revolutionizing hair care products and education – they’re the real deal. They attribute their success to their incredible ‘cushioning particles’. Unsure what that means exactly, but it definitely does the trick. Whatever they’re doing, they’re doing it well… and the price tag shows it. Nevertheless, this shampoo is just what you need to give your hair the added support for maximum volume. It contains cactus extract and jojoba oil to nourish your hair from the inside out. 


So, there are many clever and natural ways to inject life into your hair. Will you start a whole new routine with a whole new range of products, or just introduce a volumizing shampoo? Whatever you choose, with these quality products you’re sure to see the boost you’ve been looking for, on your budget. A word of warning though, just because you feel like you’re in a hair commercial, people don’t respond too well to excessive hair flipping. Especially on public transport. Take my word for it. Limit yourself to one hair flip per interaction and a knowing smile. Then, enjoy the obvious question: did you do something different with your hair?

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