Carnation Absolute Essential Oil Benefits

Find out what exactly carnation absolute oil is and how it’s made. Discover how it can be used as an antiseptic, as a sedative, and to treat anxiety and depression. And ultimately, learn how to decide if this oil will fit in with your overall lifestyle.


Natural DIY Hair Removal Methods That Work

During bathing suit season and even all year round, many of us have unwanted hairs on our bodies that we're itching to get rid of. Learn about how hair grows and what DIY options are available. Also delve into the world of electrolysis to determine which method is right for you!

Bath & Body

Calories In Drinks: What You Need To Know

One of the major problems with drinking sugar as opposed to eating is that your brain doesn’t register them in the same way as the calories from solid foods.  The sugar in beverages is often highly concentrated and easy to consume in large amounts without feeling full, allowing for more intake.

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