Meet The Maple Team

Nate M

Marketing + Finance Guru

Nate has over 8 years of experience managing digital and contemporary marketing campaigns, combining the best of both digital marketing and traditional advertising. Nate is Google Adwords certified and specializes in SEO, SEM, lead generation and conversion optimization and leads the campaign execution at the company. Nate is also the fearless Finance Manager of the company. Contact:

Adina S

Social Media, Moral Compass

Adina is the embodiment of the Maple Holistics all-natural and cruelty-free message. She is the Social Media Manager for the company and is tasked with spreading the Maple Holistics message to the far reaches of the internet and world.

Caleb B

SEO, Words, Health & Wellness

A certified Personal Trainer as well as an expert in Health & Wellness, Caleb specializes in digital marketing campaigns as well as content creation and outreach coordination. Whether it be products, content or general discovery, Caleb makes sure that Maple Holistics efforts are optimized and ready to be seen. Contact:

Yona E

Senior Graphic Designer, Makes Things Look Pretty

Yona is the artistic leader of Maple Holistics. Any and all of the graphic design and visual representation delivered by Maple Holistics is guided by Yona’s steady hand and professional attitude. “Where would we be without Yona?”