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Sea Buckthorn Oil

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If you’ve ever paused during your shower to glance at some of the ingredients listed in various hair care products, you may have found yourself reading down a list of chemicals you can barely pronounce, let alone identify. Beautiful locks, however, should not require anyone to sacrifice their comfort or wellbeing. There are great options to keep your mane in top shape while knowing without a doubt what it is that you are using.Maple Holistics sea buckthorn is comprised of 100% pure oil. Sea buckthorn can be used to moisturize hair, and also serves as great carrier oils for skin. Just rub hands together to warm the oil before evenly spreading it across your face or neck. Dry hands and soles of the feet can also benefit from this dose of hydration. Many consider sea buckthorn to perhaps be the best carrier oil for essential oils, as its barely-there scent does not mask or interfere with the fragrances so often found in many essential oil choices. Lavender is always a popular option to combine with sea buckthorn, though the possibilities are truly endless.
Place a couple of drops of sea buckthorn oil in the palm of your hand. Rub hands together and apply evenly to your face and neck. In addition to using on its own, you may want to try sea buckthorn as a carrier oil for essential oils of your choice.
Sea Buckthorn Oil
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Sea Buckthorn Oil


Sea buckthorn has long been utilized around the world for its many benefits. Its oil is rich in minerals and antioxidants, and is one of the few plant-based products to provide all four omega fatty acids (omega-3, omega-6, omega-7 and omega-9). Omega fatty acids tend to be found in fish and seafood, so especially for those with vegetarian or vegan diets, sea buckthorn is a great alternative source.

Other sea buckthorn oil benefits include hydrating and smoothing the skin. This carrier oil can be applied to the face, hair, scalp, and skin as part of your daily hair- and skincare routine.

  • Apply buckthorn oil to nails and cuticles as the perfect base for an indulgent manicure. Whether you work in an office or with your hands, no doubt your fingers are tired at the end of the day and deserve some pampering.
  • To utilize carrier oils for hair, mix in several drops of your favorite Maple Holistics essential oil for luscious, moisturized locks. Dry ends can especially benefit from the extra hydration.
  • Sea buckthorn benefits can be enjoyed whether you apply this carrier oil directly to skin, or incorporate into various DIY skincare products.
  • The best carrier oil is whichever one works best for you, hence the importance of trying out several products and combinations.
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Why Sea Buckthorn Oil?

As a carrier oil, sea buckthorn is versatile in its ability to function as a stand-alone moisturizer or to be incorporated into any of a number of products. Carrier oils tend to have only a very light scent, if any, and sea buckthorn oil is no exception. The subtle scent shouldn’t interfere with that of any essential oil or blend you choose to combine with sea buckthorn, for a skincare experience uniquely tailored to your preferences.Almond oil and avocado oil may often find themselves atop every list of carrier oils, but there are many benefits to the somewhat lesser known alternatives such as sea buckthorn oil. This pure oil supports your active lifestyle and can help take care of your body and mind, keeping you ready to meet whatever the day has in store for you.Silky hair, stronger feeling nails, supple-looking skin… everyone wants it all. Sea buckthorn oil can be utilized in so many different ways, for a nourishing and pampering experience. If you can’t make it to the salon, applying sea buckthorn to your cuticles and nails can give the appearance of a fresh manicure. For skin and hair, this moisturizing oil can keep you looking and feeling hydrated throughout every season and climate.
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The sea buckthorn tree is a small shrub native to the Himalayan region. Oil extracted from its seeds, leaves, and berries can be utilized as a wonderful carrier oil, either on its own or in conjunction with your favorite essential oil or blend.

A carrier oil is used to dilute essential oils, thereby safely “carrying” them to your skin or face. Essential oils applied directly to the skin may cause irritation, so be sure to mix first with a carrier oil such as sea buckthorn.

Yes! If you’re looking for vegan personal care products, you’ve come to the right place. This product is Certified Vegan so you can rest assured it contains no animal ingredients or by-products.

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