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Moringa Oil

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Moringa oil is an excellent choice for those of all skin types, as it moisturizes without clogging pores or irritating  skin. This oil contains high levels of oleic acid, beta sitosterol, keratin and vitamin E, all of which can give skin a more youthful glow and shine. As such, moringa oil skin benefits can include an overall younger appearance.Not only delicate facial skin can benefit from this oil. Moringa can further be utilized as a massage oil for an enriching full-body experience. This carrier oil is great as a stand-alone massage oil, or when incorporated with a few drops of your favorite Maple Holistics essential oil. Experiment with different combinations to find a scent and experience that works best for you.In addition to the skin, moringa oil benefits can be applied to the scalp as well as the hair. Moringa cleanses the scalp and can give hair a thicker and more voluminous appearance. Say goodbye to limp, lifeless locks.
Apply generously to the face and/or body for use as a moisturizer. As a carrier oil, moringa can also be incorporated into various DIY beauty products and projects. Moringa oil for hair presents various possibilities, including as a hot oil treatment for the scalp or as a serum to diminish the appearance of breakage or dry ends.
100% Pure Moringa Oleifera Oil
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Moringa Oil

Moringa oil wraps the body and hair in moisture, for hands and face that are impossible soft and touchable. To unwind after a long and stressful day, enjoy the light scent of a moringa-infused massage for some aromatherapy bliss and delight.

  • Using moringa oil for face and neck is a nice way to moisturize without a greasy, heavy feeling. You can use the oil alone or paired with a few drops of your favorite essential oil for an uplifting scent.
  • Moringa oil for skin is a good solution to not only hydrate, but to ensure that the moisture is suitably locked in, where the skin needs it most.
  • By keeping skin moisturized, moringa can helps skin to look overall clearer, smoother, and even more youthful.
  • Whether curly, straight, or anywhere in between, moringa oil benefits for hair go beyond just your everyday conditioner. Start out by applying only a small amount of oil and work your way throughout your hair. Thick or long hair may require a larger amount to effectively coat each strand.
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Why Moringa Oil?

It’s never too early or too late to start utilizing the advantages of pure oils. By treating your skin with care and nourishment, you can best ensure a healthy looking, glowing appearance that will appear graceful for years to come.By incorporating moringa oil into your daily or weekly beauty regimen, you will start to notice the benefits sooner than you might have expected. You may even decide to take it a step further by incorporating moringa oil for skin into DIY beauty products. The possibilities are truly endless, and can be adapted to best fit each individual’s needs and preferences.Moringa oil benefits you in so many ways, and as it is made from pure ingredients, you can rest assured that you are caring for the planet as it cares for you.
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So what is moringa oil, anyway? Moringa is a carrier oil with numerous benefits for the scalp, hair, and skin, to help you look and feel your best. It is a nourishing moisturizer that can be utilized as part of a daily beauty routine.

There are many essential oils that pair well with moringa oil for an enriching and aromatic experience. Lavender and tea tree essential oils are popular choices to start off with, though we recommend experimenting a bit until you find the combination that works best for you.

As with many carrier oils, moringa oil can be applied to hair that is either wet or dry.

Yes! Animal testing of any kind will never be acceptable at Maple Holistics, so you can enjoy a guilt-free personal care experience without compromising on quality.

Yes! For every six bottles of Maple Holistics products that you return to us by mail, you will receive a free bottle of shampoo or have an equivalent donation made to an environmentally-friendly charity if you’d prefer! Check out our recycling program here.

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