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Entice Essential Oil Blend

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The Beatles said it best when they proclaimed that “all you need is love”. What theme aside from love occupies so much of the human experience, with so many songs written about it and so many stories composed describing tales of love lost or perhaps won. It’s only natural for essential oils for love to have gained such popularity, as they provide an opportunity to be noticed in the best possible way.Maple Holistics’ Entice blend helps you to enjoy various lavender essential oil uses, such as in a diffuser. This can be a blissful way to let your hair down after a long day. Taking it a step further, lavender oil for hair can be applied to wet or dry strands for a nourishing and moisturizing solution. You can add a few drops to your regular conditioner for a hydrating and spa-like experience, leaving you smelling just as good as you feel.Meanwhile, lavender oil for skin or nails can keep you moisturized throughout even the driest days. In addition to your bath, you can also add several drops of this essential oil blend to your own DIY products such as homemade bath bombs.
Place a few drops of Entice blend into an essential oil diffuser, in your bath water, or on your pillow to embrace the lavender essential oil benefits. A little goes a long way, so be sure to use an adequate amount of this powerful blend.
Palmarosa (Cymbopogon martinii var motia) oil, Lavender (Lavandula officinalis) Oil, Ylang Ylang (Cananga Odorata) oil, Clary Sage (Salvia sclarea L.) oil
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Entice Essential Oil Blend

This blend is comprised of lavender oil, palmarosa oil, and ylang ylang oil for a romantic and aromatic experience to be enjoyed again and again. The rich scent can best be described as subtly sexy, perfect for sharing with the one who loves you, or the one who you want to love you. Gone are the days of dousing yourself in perfume or cologne; just a few drops of this blend in your bath, on your sheets, or even atop your pillow is enough to keep your surroundings smelling sweet. When diluted with a carrier oil, this can be applied to the skin for a scent that lingers even after you have left the room.

  • Using lavender oil for skin will bring a smile to your face, just the mood to be in when you are looking for love.
  • Place several drops in your aromatherapy diffuser or bath to set the scene just right. To use on the skin, first mix with the carrier oil of your choice for your own unique signature blend.
  • “Entice” is the perfect choice from Maple Holistics’ selection of essential oil blends to make everyday feel like Valentine’s Day, whether in chilly February or sunny August.
  • This essential oil blend needn’t only be used with a partner. Go ahead and indulge in this invigorating scent after a long day at work, or any time you just need to unwind.
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Why Entice Essential Oil Blend?

Entice essential oil blend can serve as your own modern-day love spell. This potion utilizes pure ingredients to make you feel as good as you smell, for an experience unlike any other. The scent can serve as an olfactory distinction between your daytime stresses and your nighttime relaxation. It is the perfect indicator to begin the process of decompressing after a long day.Through the combination of ylang ylang, palmarosa, and lavender essential oils, transform the bedroom beyond just an everyday experience. The incredible smell will leave you and your partner wanting more. Entice blend will become a favorite that you reach for again and again.Lavender oil uses, in addition to its benefits for hair, skin, and nails, include being a wonderful addition to any beauty DIY's. Whether you use this blend to wind down before sleep, or to lose a few hours of sleep together with a partner, is up to you to decide. Use this essential oil blend on your pillow or sheet, or in a bubble bath, to let it work its magic on you and those around you. You can also instantly provide a quick pick-me-up to the room by placing several drops into an aroma diffuser, for a warm and inviting scent.
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Essential oils should be combined with the carrier oil of your choice before applying to your skin. Various Maple Holistics oils would go well with this blend; try using a few of your favorites to see which scent best appeals to you.

Anyone can enjoy the Entice blend! Its appealing smell is great for unwinding, to enjoy a moment of serenity at the end of the day or at any point throughout.

This blend of pure oils smells like palmarosa, lavender, and ylang ylang for a scent pleasing to you and your partner.

Yes! For every six bottles of Maple Holistics products that you return to us by mail, you will receive a free bottle of shampoo or have an equivalent donation made to an environmentally-friendly charity if you’d prefer! Check out our recycling program here.

Yes! Animal testing of any kind will never be acceptable at Maple Holistics, so you can enjoy a guilt-free personal care experience without compromising on quality.

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