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Tropical Lip Balm Pack

Softens and smooths lips


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Drench your pout in moisture and nutrients with our nourishing Tropical Lip Balm Set. Are your lips dry and in desperate need of some extra attention? We’re proud to present the best balm for chapped lips to bring back their natural beauty! Green Tea, Mango, Peppermint and Pomegranate flavors allow you to explore paradise at the tip of your tongue from the comfort of your own home.With this Tropical Lip Balm Set you can give chapped, worse-for-wear lips a hydration infusion with one of our fan-favorite lip sets! The hydrating formula contains Shea Butter and Cocoa Butter to ensure that these lip balms smooth onto lips effortlessly and soak onto your lips for instant hydration and the perfect-looking pout. We also infused the formula with Vitamin E to ensure that your lips get the beautifying treatment they deserve while being saturated with moisturizing ingredients for a stunning smile.Don’t compromise your lip appearance with mediocre lip balms! At Maple Holistics, we’ve got the best Lip Balm Set to help you soften and smooth the look of your lips with the help of Mother Nature. Good lip balms are ones that hydrate your lips without the need for petroleum or other potentially harmful ingredients, and that’s why we know that our Lip Balm Set contains the best moisturizing lip balms infused with Mother Nature’s finest hydrating ingredients and none of the nasties.
Gently apply our flavored lip balm to cracked or chapped lips that need a moisture boost and some serious TLC. Smooth onto lips as often as necessary. Be cautious of applying this lip balm for kids to open cuts or wounds on your lips.
Beeswax, Sunflower Seed Oil, Coconut Oil, Castor Seed Oil, Lanolin, Cocoa Seed Butter, Shea Butter.
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Tropical Lip Balm Pack

You asked for more lip balm flavors, and we listened! Mango, Green Tea, Peppermint and Pomegranate are here to keep your lip game fresh and exciting. Our cute Lip Balm Set contains four unique flavors to help you embrace a tropical experience no matter where you are in the world so that you can harness your inner paradise anytime, anywhere! Give your lips a treat the gentle way with Mango, Green Tea, Peppermint and Pomegranate flavors powered by Mother Nature to provide you with the best lip care products for every day use.

  • Best Lip Balm set for flavorful hydration boost delivered straight from Mother Nature to hydrate and soften your lips without the use of potentially harmful additives such as petroleum.
  • Lip Balm for chapped lips that are dry and dehydrated and longing for a moisturizing upgrade to leave lips looking beautiful. 
  • Add this to your collection of natural lip products for the whole family thanks to a unique formula that’s gentle yet effective on all ages and skin types. There’s something for everyone in this four pack flavored Lip Balm Set.
  • Moisturizing Lip Balm Set includes nourishing ingredients including Shea Butter, Sunflower Seed Oil, Cocoa Butter and Coconut Oil for the ultimate nourishing experience for your lips to ensure ultimate hydration that lasts.
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Why Tropical Lip Balm Pack?

Thanks to our gentle, paraben-free formula that includes nourishing ingredients like vitamin-E, Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, and Sunflower Seed oil, our tropical Lip Balms are the perfect lip products for achieving soft, luscious, smoother-looking lips anywhere, anytime. If you’re looking for the best lip balm set to give your lips a much-needed moisture boost with a fun and flirty kick, our tropical collection of four lip balms is your top pick! A blend of soothing ingredients and butter-based formula leaves lips feeling creamy without residue or whiteness for a perfectly hydrated pout.Our soft lips Lip Balm Set makes for the perfect gift for family and friends who are looking to embrace a holistic lifestyle. The pure ingredients in this Lip Balm Set mean that you can say goodbye to petroleum-based lip products and instead provide your lips with the treatment they deserve for the perfect pout without the potentially harmful additives. Use our Lip Balm for dry lips or chapped lips that need a little TLC combined with a fruity punch for a tropical experience in the palm of your hand. The flavorful collection of Mango, Green Tea, Peppermint and Pomegranate provide a major moisture boost with a deliciously irresistible twist. Buy your Tropical Lip Balm Set to enjoy Mother Nature’s finest botanicals at the tip of your tongue.
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Our Tropical Lip Balm set contains 4 lip balms each with their own unique flavor. Never be stuck without a hydration boost for your lips again! Keep one in your bag, one in the car, one at home and gift one to a friend!

Yes! Our lip balms contain no gluten-based ingredients which means they’re a gluten-free solution for soft, lickable lips!

Absolutely! Our lips balms contain pure butters to ensure that they glide seamlessly onto the lips despite any cracking or dryness.

Maple Holistics stands by our satisfaction guarantee because we want you to enjoy your personal care experience. If you’re unsatisfied with your purchase, we want to hear about it! Reach out to us at and we will make it right!

Yes! Animal testing of any kind will never be acceptable at Maple Holistics, so you can enjoy a guilt-free personal care experience without compromising on quality.

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5 / 5
10 reviews

My Review for Tropical Lip Balm Pack

  1. avatar
    Jerome Hartman

    Great lip balm. Natural feel. Doesn’t make my lips worse like Chapstick does or other harsh chemical based products.

  2. avatar
    Mary OD
    5 / 5

    Fantastic product! My lips are silku smooth and not greasy or waxy. Would definitely recommend!

  3. avatar
    5 / 5

    I first ordered this lip balm last winter when my lips were screaming. I had tried that fancy stuff from the drugstore that is orb-shaped, thinking, well this is a cool shape and it costs a lot so it must be awesome. Wrong! I also have extremely sensitive skin around my mouth that will become dermatitis so I need all natural ingredients. Then I found this lip balm from maple holistics. As someone who has tried everything, I have to tell you that this stuff is great! It does not aggravate the skin around my mouth and I can still feel the smoothness from the product after applying before bed in the morning. I love these particular flavors too, I haven’t tried the other ones yet. So I keep one in my purse, one by my nightstand, one in the car…you get the idea. I cannot recommend this product highly enough. It’s easy to just grab something at the drugstore but it’s worth the two-day wait it took me to get this in the mail.

  4. avatar
    5 / 5

    Great product!
    Love the flavors and scents.Highly moisturizing and long lasting.Peppermint flavor is my favorite one.

  5. avatar
    Taylor Jansen
    5 / 5

    Super soft, made a huge difference and my favorite lip balms ever!!! 10/10 would recommend to anyone!