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Facial Cleanser, 4 OZ

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Water, Argan Extract, Aloe Extract, Vitamin C

Maple Holistics facial cleanser gently removes dirt, oil, dead skin cells, and makeup for a fresher face. Helps to nourish skin and clear the complexion for all skin types.

Gentle formula that gives a thorough clean Safe for sensitive skin Argan and Aloe smooth and soften Removes dirt and oil Leaves face skin clear and refreshed


Formula and Benefits:

Sensitive Skin Safe / Hypoallergenic: Formulated specially with sensitive skin in mind, without any pore-clogging ingredients or irritating chemicals. Free of parabens, sulfates, mineral oil, and fragrances.

Vitamin C: Nourishes, revitalizes, and soothes the skin.

Aloe and Argan: Assists in Refining and protecting the skin for an all-over healthier facial skin.

Easy Packaging: Product dispenses conveniently thanks to an easy flip-top cap design. The portable squeeze tube is lightweight and secure enough for travel and storage, without fear of product spilling or leaking.


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