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Sunflower Seed Oil



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Few things brighten up someone’s day like a bouquet of sunflowers, and sunflower seed oil can brighten and enhance your hair and complexion as well. Our therapeutic grade pure sunflower oil is cold pressed and refined from the helianthus annuus botanical. This carrier oil is rich in fatty acids, antioxidants, and vitamins to hydrate, strengthen, protect, and soften skin. Expect better elasticity, a more even skin tone, and a smoother appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Sunflower oil rejuvenates dull, flat hair by promoting hair growth and adding shine for thicker, more lustrous locks.
Use as a massage oil or for skin care and hair care. Great as a moisturizer and makeup remover. Apply 1 drop to wrist to test for adverse reaction - dilute before applying if necessary.
Pure Sunflower Oil.
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  1. murphydetrice

    I love this sunflower oil , i use it in my hair products & it works so well . My hair is super Moisturize and shiny highly recommend it

  2. Elizabeth Beasley

    I bought the sunflower oil to use the in making bath bombs, using the sunflower oil along with a few other oils that are beneficial properties. Love how the oil smells and works great in recipes and the price can’t be beat with if bought in stores you would pay much much more.

  3. Rachelle Wallace

    This product is amazing for sensitive skin and lasts a long time. I’ve had no irritation and it has kept my skin from that tight dry feeling during the cold weather. I use it on my face and hands. I highly recommend it.

  4. Gabriela Underwood

    I’m very satisfied with this product. I use it for my personal use on my face and neck and love it! It doesn’t clog my pores and it is a great anti-aging product. I recommend it to my patients with skin disorders like psoriasis or eczema and they find it very beneficial. For those cases they normally feel the benefit after daily use for over 3-4 weeks of use. I have use other brands but Maple Holistics is the one I use and recommend. I now want to try some other products from his company like other oils and the Tea tree oil shampoo and conditioner. 🙂

  5. Lori

    This oil is great for helping to tame split ends. It has a nice consistency which I describe as “medium” weight but it’s not greasy. I will also at times mix it with aargan oil and then apply a light coat to all my hair.