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Sunflower Seed Oil, 4 Oz

100% Pure Sunflower Oil.

Rich in Vitamin-A, our Sunflower Seed Oil is a natural moisturizer and moisture retainer and works wonders for hair and skin alike! Sunflower Seed Oil can help protect against free-radicals and premature aging thanks to its Vitamin-E content, as well as protect the collagen and elastin of the skin. In terms of hair care, Sunflower Seed Oil's Vitamin-A, B, C and E content, as well as a number of healthy minerals help promote stronger, smoother, shinier and healthier hair.Maple Holistics Sunflower Seed Oil has light viscosity and is non-greasy, making it an ideal massage oil. Featuring high levels of compounds which promote hydration and reduce dryness, you'll find no limit to the number of benefits of Sunflower Seed Oil which you can take advantage of! Sunflower Seed Oil can even help prevent damage caused by UV rays, helping to promote anti-aging in skin. Our Maple Holistics Sunflower Seed Oil is cold pressed in order to maintain all benefits and nutrients sought.

Natural skin moisturizer.

High in antioxidants.

Works great as a massage oil.

Helps prevent free-radical damage and premature aging.

Promotes healthy hair and skin.

Easily absorbed by scalp, hair and skin.

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Formula and Benefits:

Maple Holistics Sunflower Seed Oil is loaded with Vitamins A, B, C and E, as well as a number of other vitamins and minerals which provide benefits for skin and hair alike. In terms of skin, Sunflower Seed Oil is capable of moisturizing and repairing the skin, as well as helping the skin retain moisture. Additionally, Sunflower Seed Oil can protect against UV rays which diminishes the effects of aging. Sunflower Seed Oil can even reduce redness, and serves as a wonderful massage oil!

By applying Sunflower Seed Oil to the hair and scalp, hair health and appearance can be strengthened. Maple Holistics Sunflower Seed Oil makes a great addition to any hair care routine, or works well as a standalone application. Our Sunflower Seed Oil is packaged in USDA-approved, environmentally-friendly reseal-able bottles in order to ensure that freshness is retained.


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