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Rosemary Essential Oil, 1 Oz

100% Pure Rosemary Essential Oil.

Rosemary Essential Oil utilizes pure and safe Rosemary for everyday aromatherapy use. The Rosemary Essential oil is natural and therapeutic grade for hair growth, scalp health, memory benefits, and more. Safe for use with men and women.

Promotes Healthy Hair Growth.

Very Potent, High Grade and Quality.


Cold Pressed, Packaged in a Glass Dropper for Long-Lasting Effects.

Aroma: Top note with a potent herbal, woody scent.

$20.00 $9.95

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Formula and Benefits:

Our Rosemary Essential Oil is all-natural and sourced from high quality rosemary in order to ensure maximum effectiveness. Rosemary Essential Oil is capable of serving its users in a variety of different ways, including by improving the health and appearance of hair, skin and nails. Our Rosemary Essential Oil is cold-pressed and stored in a glass bottle with a dropper which ensures easy and efficient use of the oil every time.


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