• Dream Essential Oil Blend
  • Dream Essential Oil Blend

Dream Essential Oil Blend



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Dream essential oil blend is carefully formulated to provide the ideal essential oil blend for sleep. By utilizing four calming essential oils - lavender essential oil, chamomile essential oil, clary sage essential oil and ylang ylang essential oil - dream essential oil blend has the power to promote healthy sleep and rest in a natural package. Dream essential oil blend uses only pure, undiluted essential oils to ensure best results. Suitable for use in seeking healthier sleep, relaxation, calm and tranquility.
Put a few drops into a diffuser, bath or on your pillow for improved sleep and rest.
Lavender Essential Oil, Roman Chamomile Essential Oil, Clary Sage Essential Oil, Ylang Ylang Essential Oil.
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  1. kat.karpicki

    Love this scent! Long lasting and not overwhelming. Puts me right to sleep!

  2. mjablon707

    I am so thankful that I found this product to help alleviate my stress while I sleep. I put about 10 drops in my diffuser every night by my bed and it makes a huge difference in the quality of my sleep each night. I wake up feeling that my anxiety has disappeared while sleeping.

  3. lisa.h.ganem

    I have tried a lot of oils and this one is the best! I use this nightly in my cool mist diffuser and the scent is magical! Very pure.

  4. onecutesloth

    Absolutely wonderful essential oil! It also makes me have wonderful dreams! Iโ€™m definitely going the get more when I run out! Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚