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Lavender Essential Oil

Available in:
  • 1 oz
Lavender is an essential oil that boasts many aromatherapy and beauty benefits. Our therapeutic grade pure lavender oil is steam distilled from the lavandula angustifolia botanical. Put a few drops into your bath to experience calmness and tranquility, if only for a few minutes. Lavender not only relaxes your senses, but also boosts circulation, promotes better focus, and improves sleep. The antibacterial properties help fight acne and minor skin irritations. Lavender can help slow down hair loss and stimulate hair growth. Add lavender oil to a massage oil blend to relieve muscle tension.
Diffuse to enjoy aromatherapy benefits. Apply topically to enjoy cosmetic, skin, and hair benefits. Apply 1 drop to wrist to test for adverse reaction - dilute with a carrier oil before applying topically.
Pure Lavender Essential Oil.
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  1. 03.16.2020

    I love this oil. It potent and calms my anxiety and relieves my headaches.

  2. 03.15.2020

    There are many types of lavender and I am not sure which this is but the scent has a slight permanent marker edge to it.

  3. 03.13.2020

    i love the scent. I have tried many other products and this one by far is my favorite.

  4. 03.09.2020

    Long lasting oil!

  5. 03.06.2020

    Really soothing fragrance. Used the lavender oil in an aromatherapy diffuser with good results

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