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Lavender Essential Oil, 1 OZ

100% Pure Lavender Oil

Maple Holistics Lavender Essential Oil is undiluted and as pure as it can get. Lavender oils homeopathic powers are legendary. It has been known to be an effective sleep aid while also providing relief form stress and anxiety. It makes the perfect addition to any massage and can be added to the laundry to give you clothes a wonderful scent. In addition it works well as a skin moisturizer and skin irritant soother. Discover what lavender oil can do for you!

Homeopathic healing tool

Helps relieve stress and anxiety

Works well as a sleep aid

Add to bathes and massage oils

Moisturizes skin and can soothe skin irritation


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Formula and Benefits:

Pure Lavender Essential Oil for Skin and Hair

Pure Lavender is the ultimate homeopathic oil. It’s calm inducing scent is used in hundreds of ways. It can help induce sleep, relieve anxiety and give your home a overall fresh and delicious scent.

Although most people associate lavender oil with its aromatherapeutic properties is can be used to improve skin and hair health as well. It can be easily added to lotion, body wash and massage oils.


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