Evening Primrose Oil

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  • 2 oz
Our therapeutic grade pure evening primrose oil is cold pressed and refined from the oenothera biennis botanical. Evening primrose oil is a nourishing moisturizer that softens skin and strengthens weak hair follicles to help hair loss and promote hair growth. The blend of omega 6 and 9 fatty acids lock in moisture and boost elasticity for smooth, radiant skin. Use as a carrier oil for essential oils, face and body moisturizer, leave in conditioner, or massage oil for head to toe radiance.
Use as a massage oil or for skin care and hair care. Great as a moisturizer and makeup remover. Apply 1 drop to wrist to test for adverse reaction - dilute before applying if necessary.
Pure Primrose Oil.
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  1. Armine Kalpakyan

    I had read that evening primerose treated acne. So I decided to give primerose a try. After trying this product, I started seeing amazing results where ever I had acne on my face.

  2. Karen Oliver

    I prefer this evening primrose oil to another I have tried. There is little to no smell and it ansorbs into my skin easily. My skin looks beautiful! Will buy again.

  3. Hansa
  4. Denise Gassman

    I mix Evening Primrose with coconut oil, lavender & holy basil essential oil for an after shower/bath oil rich moisturizer. It smells great and is great for my dry skin.

  5. Crystal Rodgers

    Like your product mixed with other oils for my hormones

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