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Avocado Oil

Available in:
  • 4 oz
Our therapeutic grade pure avocado oil is cold pressed and refined from the persea americana botanical. This nutrient-packed oil is full of vitamins A, B1, B2, as well as antioxidants and fatty acids which protect, repair, and rejuvenate dry and damaged skin and hair. Using avocado oil as a moisturizer will help liven up dull and lackluster skin, as well as return hair’s natural shine and luminosity. Great as a massage oil or carrier oil for essential oils.
Use as a massage oil or for skin care and hair care. Great as a moisturizer and makeup remover. Apply 1 drop to wrist to test for adverse reaction - dilute before applying if necessary.
Pure Avocado Oil.
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  1. Tony Arthur

    I’m impressed with the avocado oil and how smooth and manageable it has made my hair. I will be reordering soon!

  2. Floriza Fajardo
  3. Fernando Arriaga

    I’ve been using this oil for a couple months now and I think it works great on my hair!!!

  4. Monica Brown

    I love the avacado oil.

  5. Sheila warewilson

    I loved the avocado oil I used it on my hair it’s been so helpful help to make my hair so soft

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