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Skin Care

Foot Scrub, 4 OZ

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Water, Pumice Stone, Peppermint Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Tagetes Oil.

Soothe your achy feet with Assuage Foot Scrub. Use the pumic stone to exfoliate and refreshes your feet leaving them soft and callous free. Tea tree oil and peppermint oil work together keeping your toes clean and smelling wonderful. When you are on your feet all day what better way to show self love than with this foot scrub!

Moisturizes dry cracked heels and feet

Tea tree oil provides anti-fungal power

Peppermint oil keeps feet smelling clean

Exfoliates the skin w/ pumic stone

Prepares your feet for pedicures



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Formula and Benefits:

Foot Cream for Cracked Heels & Dry Skin – Foot Pain Relief Products for Sensitive Skin – Dead Skin Remover for Feet Cream – Lotion for Dry Skin for Men and Women – Treatment for Feet and Stress Relief

Refresh and repair dry feet and cracked heels for ultimate soft, smooth and rejuvenated feet with Maple Holistics Assuage foot cream for men and women. Most people spend a great part of the day on their feet and end up with tired painful and uncared for feet. We want to help you treat your feet right. Our innovative foot cream formula not only hydrates feet but also stimulates circulation and exfoliates, for the miracle foot care your feet crave.

This foot therapy cream is fast absorbing and helps stimulate blood flow to your feet for healthy and revitalized feet. A natural Homeopathic solution to achy and tired feet. This foot cream also provides beauty benefits to your feet such as smoothing them and helping to prevent unsightly foot skin issues that can ruin the look of your feet. Ground volcanic rock provides the perfect texture to exfoliate feet for a real difference in smoothness. We all want beautiful feet to show off in sandals, get your feet pedicure ready naturally!

Rich in Vitamins, this nutrient rich hypoallergenic formula contains a blend of refreshing essential oils Tea tree, peppermint, and Tagetes which have antibacterial and antifungal properties to keep feet healthy and prevent foot conditions such as athlete’s foot, preventing the need for stronger remedies or foot fungus cream. Our premium formula is contains both natural and organic ingredients and is free of parabens or chemicals.


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