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Organic Honey, 12 OZ – Maple Holistics

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100% All-Natural Pure Organic Honey.

Maple Holistics Organic Honey takes one of natures sweetest and most beneficial foods and delivers it to you in a pure, high quality package. Our 100% pure, organic and raw honey is prepared with the best processing methodologies in order to guarantee authenticity and nutritional value. Unlike other honeys which are filtered in order to increase clarity, which can compromise the honey, Maple Holistics Organic Honey is geographically sourced from Brazil and never undergoes any sort of filtering process.

Amazing pure taste.

Unfiltered and unprocessed.

Geographically sourced.

Can offer benefits for both consumption as a food and for topical application.

Free of additives, chemicals and preservatives.

$35.00 $14.99

Formula and Benefits:

Considered a medicinal wonder of nature, raw honey is loaded with a variety of different acids which provide benefits as part of a healthy diet, as well as topically when applied to skin. Maple HolisticsĀ 100% All-Natural Pure Organic Honey is sourced in the most natural and least disruptive way in order to ensure that these benefits, as well as delicious natural flavor, are not compromised.

Maple Holistics Honey is certified USDA organic, guaranteeing quality. We offer pure, fresh honey which is free of any additives, chemicals or preservatives. Our Honey is also certified Kosher, unpasteurized, Grade-A, and comes in a 12 OZ squeeze bottle for easy and convenient dispensing.

1 review for Organic Honey, 12 OZ – Maple Holistics

  1. 5 out of 5

    on :

    This honey is very good! Super sweet and I love the fact it’s all-natural and very good for you too! If you live honey you will love this the best!!!

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