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Organic Roasted Almonds - Out Of Stock

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Organic Roasted Almonds.

Go nuts for Maple Holistics Organic Roasted Almonds! But these are no ordinary almonds - We use only the best, naturally-sourced nuts to provide our consumers with the ultimate experience. What could be better than the countless health benefits and great taste of organic, responsibly-sourced almonds? Natural Organic Roasted Almonds from Maple Holistics is the perfect addition to your next batch of granola, salad, dessert, or even for a healthy snack on the go.

Great taste and texture, Packed with antioxidants, Protects against signs of aging, Helps prevent diabetes, heart problems, and other diseases, Promotes weight loss, Makes a delicious vegan-friendly milk, Can be milled into a gluten-free flour.


Formula and Benefits:

Nutritionists are nuts about the countless benefits of natural, organic almonds and so are we! At Maple Holistics we offer only the purest almonds to deliver the most delicious nuts that are also responsibly-sourced. These versatile nuts can be enjoyed raw and make a great addition to soups, salads, cereals, desserts – anywhere, really.

Take advantage of their natural and healthy properties in the process, effectively preventing disease, fighting against the effects of aging, and providing you with a boost of long-lasting energy – there is so much that almonds can do for you!


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