Tea Tree Oil Shampoo

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Detox your scalp and invigorate your hair with our tea tree shampoo. A gentle clarifying hair cleanser that aims to calm and alleviate symptoms of dry scalp and dandruff to revitalize hair. Known for its antiseptic and antibacterial properties, Australian tea tree oil helps relieve scalp irritations such as itching, flaking, oiliness and even hair fall. We’ve also added botanical keratin, as well as rosemary and lavender oils to strengthen and stimulate hair growth. Our shampoo is sulfate and paraben-free making it great for all hair types, color treated hair, and sensitive skin.
Rinse hair, massage quarter-sized amount of shampoo throughout scalp and hair. Allow the therapeutic benefits a few minutes (2-3) to absorb before rinsing. For best results, follow with a nourishing conditioner.
Aqua, Jojoba Oil, Botanical Keratin, Argan Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Lavender Oil, Rosemary Oil.
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  1. 08.02.2020

    This is my second order of Tea Tree Shampoo and I am in love with it. My hair is no longer falling off as before and it is more manageable.

  2. 08.01.2020

    I’ve been using this shampoo for 2yrs now and it has alleviated all my itching and scaling. Highly recommend it.

  3. 08.01.2020
  4. 08.01.2020
  5. 08.01.2020

    Was recommended by a friend since my scalp had been consistently irritated for some time. Instantly helped and haven’t a different product since.

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