Cedarwood Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

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  • 8 oz
Had enough of your dry, flaky scalp? Or what about your thin, flat hair? Our cedarwood shampoo is a hair revitalizing cleanser that will make your scalp-related troubles feel like a long-forgotten dream. Cedarwood fights dandruff, dry scalp, flaking, itching, and even hair loss. We have enriched our formula with keratin, jojoba oil and rosemary extract to moisturize, strengthen, and restore your tresses. So soothe your scalp and pump up the volume on fine and limp hair. Our shampoo is sulfate and paraben-free making it great for all hair types, color treated hair, and sensitive skin.
Rinse hair, massage quarter-sized amount of shampoo throughout scalp and hair. Allow the therapeutic benefits a few minutes (2-3) to absorb before rinsing. For best results, follow with a nourishing conditioner.
Aqua, Cedarwood Oil, Rosemary Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Jojoba Oil, Phytokeratin.
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  1. Nidhi

    Great product. Hair feels good after use. Can see that my dandruff is reducing.

  2. Erin Keip-Strausbauch

    The company and the products are great. The products work quickly and leave your hair feeling fresh and clean and your scalp tingling.

  3. Sally Lau

    It’s the only shampoo that really works

  4. Barry Dugan

    Finally a remedy to keep my hair healthy and dandruff free. The volume is a plus. Thanks for a truly wonderful product.

  5. Viorica Logan

    It’s a good shampoo. It’s also good for the people who have psoriasis. Smells good!

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