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Hair Tonic For Thinning Hair

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  • 2 oz
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Achieve thicker, more lustrous hair with our hair tonic. This lightweight anti-hair loss spray helps improve the appearance of fine and thinning hair. Pea peptide, evening primrose, niacinamide, saw palmetto, coconut, green tea, and tea tree oil work to strengthen follicles and strands and boost circulation to stimulate new hair growth. The grapeseed and argan oils restore shine and softness to your hair. This advanced formula is paraben-free and brimming with potent vitamins. minerals, and antioxidants that help encourage regrowth and promote stronger, fuller looking hair.
Brush out hair, apply tonic to hair and scalp. Massage to promote circulation and ensure best results. Apply every morning and evening until desired result is achieved.
Aqua, Pea Peptide, Evening Primrose Oil, Coconut Oil, Argan Oil, Green Tea Extract, Tea Tree Oil, Grape Seed Extract.
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  1. 03.09.2020

    I love this product and it really works, I hope it becomes available soon !

  2. 07.07.2019
  3. 10.15.2018
  4. 09.04.2018
  5. 09.04.2018

    This product really works, has a good smell I highly recommend it

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