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Hair Care

Hair Tonic For Thinning Hair, 2 OZ

Water, Pea Peptide, Evening Primrose Oil, Coconut Oil, Argan Oil, Green Tea Extract, Tea Tree Oil, Grape Seed Extract.

Maple Holistics Hair Tonic For Thinning Hair offers men and women alike a solution which can promote scalp health, stimulate flow to hair follicles, reduce shedding and promote hair regrowth! Our advanced formula targets the scalp in order to promote hair growth at the source, infusing roots and scalp alike with natural herbal ingredients like Coconut Oil and Tea Tree Oil. Gentle yet effective, our Hair Tonic For Thinning Hair uses only the purest and most natural ingredients in order to ensure that the user sees his or her desired result.

All-Natural and healthy ingredients.

Helps Prevent hair loss.

Can Re-grow hair.

Can Help Thicken hair.

Promotes scalp and hair health.


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Formula and Benefits:

Our Hair Tonic formula is hypoallergenic thanks to its all natural formulation which is also chemical-free.  Our Hair Tonic nourishes the scalp and cleanses the hair follicles, offering one of the most soothing experiences possible. Maple Holistics Hair Tonic is safe for use with sensitive skin and takes advantage of a mix of botanical ingredients including green tea, grape seed oil and sandalwood.


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