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Argan Oil Conditioner

Conditions while building strong and attractive hair


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4.7 / 5
Argan oil is the perfect addition to your hair care routine. This hydrating conditioner utilizes some of Nature’s finest ingredients, and is formulated to provide moisture and manageability. Our nourishing conditioner infuses the hair with essential oils for shine, softness, and all-around beautiful hair. Our Moroccan Oil conditioner provides dry hair and scalp with a boost of wellness.Our Argan Conditioner is an intensive conditioner cream, packed with vitamins and nutrients for dry, damaged, or malnourished hair. Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil, Silk Amino Acids, Hibiscus, and Organic Pomegranate are also present in this unique formula. Free of sulfates, parabens, and dyes, it’s the best moisturizing conditioner for dry hair this side of Morocco.Are you looking for an Argan oil leave-in conditioner experience? For a moisturizing leave-in conditioner effect, keep the conditioner on your head and let it soak for a few extra minutes. It’s recommended for use two or three times a week, whether as co-wash or after shampooing. Our Argan Oil Conditioner is great for all hair types, for sensitive skin, for color treated hair, thanks to its gentle and highly effective formula.Radiance, softness, ease of brushing and combing - these are some of the advantages of this conditioner. Depending on your hair care routine, you may find that this unique formula has everything you want in a conditioner. It’s packed with ingredients that equal total hair care, especially when combined with a proper shampoo. Pick up a bottle of our Argan Oil Conditioner, and see just how amazing your hair can become with the right ingredients.
After shampooing, massage a quarter-sized amount of Argan Conditioner throughout the lengths of your hair. Allow the therapeutic benefits a few minutes (2-3) to absorb before rinsing. For best results, it is recommended to pair our Argan Oil Conditioner with our Argan Oil Shampoo.
Argan Oil, Botanical Keratin, Peach Kernel Oil, Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil, Camellia Seed Oil, Natural Fragrance, Avocado Oil.
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Argan Oil Conditioner


Say hello to shinier, happier, and more manageable hair with our Argan Conditioner, infused with vitamins, nutrients, and from-the-earth ingredients. The botanical extracts which make up our Argan Conditioner formula leave the hair feeling and looking great. This conditioner detangles your hair, helps to combat breakage, frizz, split ends, and other types of damage.

  • Our Moroccan Conditioner is here to penetrate the hairs and work its magic from the inside out. Argan Oil is a good conditioner for curly hair, and the best conditioner for dry scalp. There is also the possibility of using this conditioner as a co-wash, since it add a significant amount of moisture to dry scalp and hair.
  • The best moisturizing conditioner is one which is able to provide deep conditioning, without compromising any part of the hair or scalp. When an oily head of hair adds more oils to the mix, there is the possibility of overwashing and overusing. It’s the best conditioner for frizzy hair, and the best conditioner for colored treated hair.
  • Conditioners are not to be used every single day. An Argan Oil of Morocco Conditioner is one which is able to utilize the power of the Argan tree, but not oversaturate the scalp, roots, and hair strands.
  • The best conditioner for dry hair is here for boosting your strands for a great hair day. Let the natural Argan Oil enrich your strands from root to tip, with quality botanical extracts for radiant, silky-soft hair. An Argan Oil deep conditioner can make all the difference.
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Why Argan Oil Conditioner?

Our Argan Oil conditioner uses from-the-earth ingredients in order to provide moisture and nourishment to a scalp and hair which may be lacking. Those with dry, or damaged, or color treated hair may suffer from hair which is dull, flat, and not at all lively. Our Argan Conditioner is here to provide solutions for those who are in need of texture hydration. Moroccan Oil from the kernel of the argan tree is a substance packed with nutrients, and its richness easily  lends itself to scalp and hair care products.Split ends, static interruptions, and other issues can be mitigated with the help of our Argan Conditioner. This unique formula includes Botanical Keratin, Peach Kernel Oil, Jojoba Oil, Avocado Oil, and more. Using our Argan Oil deep conditioner as part of a healthy hair care routine can help combat frizz, damage, and general hair lifelessness. There is also the possibility of leaving the conditioner in a few extra minutes, to achieve a look and feel of a leave-in conditioner.Whether you have curly or straight hair, this conditioner will be able to assist you with managing your tresses. It’s recommended to use our Argan Oil Conditioner no more than three times a week. Most users will be fine with twice a week, depending on their hair, their scalp, and their environment. A quality Argan Oil conditioner - especially when paired with a complementary shampoo - can provide you with total hair care. Be sure to check out our Maple Holistics Argan Oil Conditioner.
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No! This conditioner is not a leave-in conditioner, but for an additional moisturizing deep conditioner effect, let it soak for a few extra minutes before rinsing it out.

No! Well-conditioned hair is less likely to produce excess oil. Our formula is made to hydrate and nourish, and those with dry and thin hair will be able to appreciate the abilities of the Argan’s oil.

No! It provides a silky-soft feeling once it has been rinsed out. The natural ingredients make it so even those who co-wash can do so with this Argan Oil Conditioner.

Yes! Our shampoos are free of sulfates and parabens which means they’re gentle enough to be used on color treated hair without stripping color. So you can enjoy all the botanical benefits without worrying about fading!

Yes! Animal testing of any kind will never be acceptable at Maple Holistics, so you can enjoy a guilt-free personal care experience without compromising on quality. 

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4.7 / 5
24 reviews

My Review for Argan Oil Conditioner

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    Dee Nash
    5 / 5

    This product leaves my hair soft, silky, and shiny! I love it!!!!

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    I love this product, leaves my hair soft and shiny!!!!

  3. avatar

    This is an amazing product. I started using some time ago and my hair has gotten both stronger and silkier. It had a positive effect on my hair fall problem too. I am super happy with the product and will 100% recommend.

  4. avatar
    Mary Sue

    I have just ordered my second bottle of this conditioner. It gives amazing results.

  5. avatar

    I bought the 8-oz bottle a while ago on Amazon and since then have not had to use an expensive Chi styling iron to help tame the frizz. Now I do nothing to my hair but simply let it dry naturally after I use this conditioner, and it looks great. I often get compliments! I am nearing 80 years old and am glad I still have wonderful hair.