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Bubble Bath

Bubble Bath with Eucalyptus, 16 OZ

Aqua, Aloe barbadensis (Aloe Vera) Extract, Eucalyptus globulus Oil, Eucalyptus radiata Oil, Eucalyptus smithii Oil, Vitamin E, Eucalyptus dives Oil.

Eucalyptus Hybrid Bubble Bath enhances any size bath with an abundance of bubbles and moisturizing qualities. Our unique Eucalyptus Hybrid Formula delivers therapeutic value and natural skin benefits in an exciting package.

Helps to boost immune system and mood.

Essential oils can moisturize skin.

Relaxes and relieves stress.

Eucalyptus oil can awaken the senses.

For Men and Women.

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Formula and Benefits:

Eucalyptus smithii: This wonderful Eucalyptus species helps contribute to the unique and refreshing aroma while providing several unique constituents great for the skin.

Eucalyptus globulus: This popular Eucalyptus species is naturally rich in 1,8-Cineol to add flavor and variety to the blend.

Eucalyptus dives: Contributes natural compounds a-phellandrene and Piperitone to enhance the therapeutic value of the synergy.

Eucalyptus radiata: Offers high content of a-Terpineol, which adds a special twist to the formula’s unique aroma.


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