Our Formulas


We Get You 

Each and every Maple Holistics product is lovingly formulated to contain just what’s necessary to help you look beautiful – no more and no less. We believe that life is stressful enough as it is which is why we want to make sure your personal care routine is a totally guilt-free experience. That means our formulas are made without sulfates, parabens, silicones and other harmful chemicals – as well as no harm to cute, furry friends. Instead, we search the globe for quality, clean ingredients to pack our bottles with nothing but the very best for you and your loved ones.

Maple Holistics Shampoos contain 96% naturally derived ingredients.
Maple Holistics Conditioners contain 98% naturally derived ingredients.
Maple Holistics Essential Oils are naturally sourced and 100% pure.

Safety First

Why Aren’t Our Products Made From 100% Natural Ingredients? 

As much as we’d love it if all our products were made from 100% naturally derived ingredients, your safety will always come first. No one can deny the power, beauty and benefits of Mother Nature’s finest extracts. However, sometimes these raw ingredients can be unstable in their purest form. That means we may process some of our ingredients or formulas to a limited degree so that you can enjoy from-the-earth products that are safe, stable and formulated with love. To learn more, check out our FAQ page.

Keep It Clean

At Maple Holistics, our goal to create high-quality products means that we’re committed to delivering clean alternatives to what we believe to be harmful conventional products. We stand by our #ReadTheLabel philosophy and encourage our customers to stay in-the-know so that they can be proud of the products they’re using. 

Take a closer look at our carefully compiled selection of harmful ingredients that you will never find in our formulas. 

An oft-used foaming agent, sulfates have been linkd to skin irritation, cancer, and endocrine disruption.
Parabens are a popular product preservative, one that can damage hair and carry a link to cancer.
Used to chemically soften, phthalates have been linked to everything from asthma, to breast cancer, to obesity.
Synthetic Fragrances
Derived from petrochemicals, artificial fragrances are generally made up of unsafe, disease-causing chemicals.
Synthetic Colors
Though visually striking and aesthetically pleasing, synthetic colors are known to carry toxicity and carcinogens.
A popular ingredient in personal care, silicone is artificial and can promote dull or dry skin and hair.
A supposed germ killer, studies have shown than triclosan can disrupt hormones and promote bacterial growth.
Gluten-intolerant beauty lovers and celiac sufferers are always in need of gluten-free personal care products.
Commonly encountered in personal care, petroleum is often carcinogenic and can cause long-term damage.
When used in personal care and in high concentration, alcohol can severely dry out both hair and skin.
Diethanolamine is banned in Canada and found unsafe for use in cosmetics. It’s a possible carcinogenic and a known respiratory toxicant
Officially and widely recognized as a carcinogen, formaldehyde is linked to a myriad of different cancers.
Used a preservative in personal care products, BHA is classified as an allergen and a possible human carcinogen.
Classified as an irritant, Phenylenediamine is most commonly used as a coloring agent in cosmetics.
Mineral oil
Mineral oil is used as a moisturizing agent but it’s classified as an ingredient that is expected to be toxic or harmful.
Cocamide DEA
Used for foaming personal care products, cocamide DEA has been linked to cancer as well as allergic reactions.