Community Impact

While Maple Holistics seeks to provide as many consumers with effective, natural products as possible, that isn’t our only mission. We view it as a means to an end as far as furthering our true goal of making the world as natural and caring a place as possible. This is why we’ve undertaken a number of charitable, environmental and community-driven initiatives that we work on daily. While we can’t change the world as much as we’d like to yet as a growing company, we try to do a little more every day in order to move closer to making our dreams a reality.

Our initiatives and programs include, but are not limited to:

Maple Holistics supports a number of local charities who help further humanitarian and environmental causes, as well as animal rights movements. This includes The Conservation Fund, EWG, The School For Children With Hidden Intelligence, Clean The World Foundation and NAAF. Maple Holistics is proud to offer equal employment opportunity to all. We greatly benefit from the unique and valuable strengths that our diverse workforce brings to Maple Holistics each and every day. We’re particularly proud of the supported employment we offer to special needs individuals in our New Jersey HQ.

The Maple Holistics Natural Scholarship Program offers eligible students the opportunity to further their education by demonstrating their interest in and passion for environmental awareness, natural health and personal care.

Maple Holistics is wholly supportive of Fair Trade and works only with partners and businesses who are of a similar mind. We support families, fairness, livelihood, and sustainability which we find shines through in our products and development.

Maple Holistics strives to produce effective products which are as natural as possible. Through our product research and developmental stages, we zero in on natural ingredients which can offer consumers the personal care results they’re looking for. Our shampoos contain 96.80% naturally derived ingredients, our conditioners contain 98.65% naturally derived ingredients and our essential oils are naturally sourced and 100% pure.

Animal testing of any kind will never be acceptable at Maple Holistics. We’re proud to be cruelty-free and proud of the work that we’ve done to raise awareness of the importance of cruelty-free practice in personal care. Too many brands test their products on animals for the sake of expanding into morally corrupt markets – that just isn’t the Maple Holistics way.

Recycling is the foundation of all Maple Holistics product manufacturing processes. We recycle everything that we possibly can as far as our materials are concerned – all of our metal containers used to store items or ingredients are either re-used or sent to a certified recycling plant. We also recycle all paper and cardboard we use and purchase corrugated boxes made from recycled material to ship our product.

Sustainable manufacturing is the name of our game; every day we work towards upgrading and optimizing our facilities to make them as green as possible. That means less water consumption, more solar energy, and more recycled ingredients.

Not only do we strive to recycle as much as possible, we try to bring as much attention to the importance of recycling as possible. Every bottle of Maple Holistics product features a badge encouraging our consumers to recycle. We also incentivize customer recycling with our recycling program, which offers customers free products in exchange for used bottles of Maple Holistics products.

It’s not easy being a growing brand in a world and an industry dominated by big business. While we’re proud of the work we’ve done here at Maple Holistics, we know we have a long way to go to make the kind of difference that we’d like to in the world of personal care. We’d like our customers to rest assured that when they support Maple Holistics, they are supporting a brand and a business that will never lose sight of what really matters: community initiative, eco-friendliness, and animal rights.

As long as we stay in touch with these founding principles, we know that we’ll continue to grow. That’s because consumers who value morals and wellness will continue to find Maple Holistics – a company and a brand that puts the world first.