Who Is Zoella? A Review of the Fashion and Cosmetics Icon 2020

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Who is Zoella, you ask? Well, Zoella (real name: Zoe Elizabeth Sugg) is a self-created Disney princess character. She is wholesome, pretty, family-oriented, and a loyal friend. Cartoon birds are practically chirping around her head as she speaks. The “about me” section of her blog actually uses the phrase “Once Upon a Time” to preface the story of her entry into the YouTube world, where she has 11.5 million subscribers – good for the 50th most all-time.

She is known as a role-model for young girls and a big sister figure to many of her viewers. What makes Zoella so popular and what does the future hold for her? Read on to find out here in our ‘Who is Zoella? A Review of the Fashion and Cosmetics Icon’ feature!

What Kind Of Channel Does Zoella Have?

Zoella the YouTube star

Zoe Sugg, AKA Zoella

Zoella’s primary YouTube channel is a lifestyle/internet personality vlogging space. She documents her life closely and shares big and small moments alike with her followers. Zoe has done a lot of collaborations with other YouTubers – especially her brother ThatcherJoe (Joe Sugg), her best friend Sprinkleofglitter (Louise Pentland), her good friend Tanya Burr, and her bae PointlessBlog (Alfie Deyes). These usually consist of fun challenges like “Who knows me better – Best friend vs Boyfriend,” or the “Gargle the Song Challenge.”

She does makeup and clothing hauls for budget-friendly stores and companies that her mostly young viewers can afford to shop at, hair-style and makeup tutorials, room and house tours (fun fact: she used to intern for an interior designer and loves the field), subscriber Q&A’s, and even documents her travels and experiences as a well-known YouTuber (interviewing One Direction, launching a beauty line, and book signings to name a few).

“MoreZoella” is her second channel, where she posts candid vlogs and a more intimate look into her day-to-day life. She is an ardent participant of Vlogmas. In the month leading up to Christmas she posts daily vlogs on this channel as well.

Zoella’s Books: Girl Online Series 

Zoella holding her book

Zoella and her ‘Girl Online’ Novel

The Girl Online series has had record-breaking sales, becoming the fastest selling novel for a first-time published author since data of this kind started being collected, with 78,000 copies purchased in the first week alone. There was a lot of hype and excitement among fans who couldn’t wait to read Zoe’s work. But the quick success ended in scandal. It was revealed that, although Zoe designed the general storyline and characters, a ghostwriter was wrote the book itself.

Zoe’s level of involvement in the finished product remains unknown. Still, the book definitely represents her style and is reflective of her as a person.

Regardless, she is not a professional writer and thus should not be held to the same standards as one. The book is a fictional novel, but the story has definite autobiographical components. Zoe Sugg and her protagonist Penny share many similarities. Both have a famous online presence, live in Brighton, struggle with anxiety and panic attacks, are part of a high-profile relationship, and share a similar voice and sweet, quirky personality. These books are lighthearted, easy reads that have been a huge hit among 12-17-year-old girls.

Girl Online 1, 2, and 3

Zoe Suggs' novels.

A 4th ‘Girl Online’ Book is Rumored

The first in the series, Girl Online, is about Penny, a fifteen year old girl who meets a boy on a trip to New York. He turns out to be a famous musician with a secret, bringing plenty of drama into her life and causing her blog to go viral. The book is a feel-good narrative about navigating young love, school life, home life and the online world.

The follow-up novelGirl Online, On Tour follows Penny as she joins Noah and his band on the European leg of their world tour. Touring does not turn out to be as glamorous as Penny expected it to be. Her anxiety makes busy tour life very stressful for her. Also, Noah is preoccupied with the music and fame, and the couple falters as a result.

In Girl Online, Going Solo, Penny has lost touch with Noah but can’t seem to stop thinking about him. She strengthens her relationship with her best friend Elliot and explores what it means to be independent. This book is set in Brighton and London.

Does Zoella Have Instagram And Snapchat?

As a crowned social media queen, Zoella does in fact have Instagram and Snapchat. She has over 10 million followers on Instagram and posts pictures of her dog Nala, her outfits, her food, her friends, and of course, the occasional selfie. Her snapchat is similar, full of flower crown filter selfies and photos of her dog, and she also uses it to reach out to fans for Q&A’s or other interactive videos.

Is Zoella Single? Is She Still Dating ‘Alfie’?

Zoella and her boyfriend

Zoella and Alfie

Zoella and fellow YouTube star Alfie Deyes of @PointlessBlog, a couple known as “Zalfie,” have been dating since October 2012. They often are featured in each other’s videos, vlogs, and Instagram feeds. The two met when Zoe commented on one of his videos after they attending the same party for British YouTubers. They started talking and tweeting back and forth and arranged to meet in person shortly thereafter. They became friends and started to date a few months later secretly to maintain some privacy.

Their friend, Jim Chapman, accidentally revealed their relationship status by including a shot of Zoe’s open laptop screen visible in one of his vlogs. Her background was a picture of the two kissing. Zoella confirmed the news in a blog post saying, “To summarise, YES Zoe and Alfie are together and Zalfie is a thing, but Zoella and PointlessBlog will continue as they are without any real-life Zalfie-ness.” Now, four years later, the bloggers are full of real-life, super cute Zalfie-ness, and the fans do not seem to mind one bit.

How Old Is Zoella?

Zoella is 28 years old as of late 2018, and her birthday is March 28, 1990. A majority of her followers are younger than her. If you are wondering her boyfriend is three years younger than her as well. She has spoken about not being one to take herself too seriously and of the benefits of holding onto childhood and introduces herself as “26 years young” on her blog.

How Tall Is Zoella?

Zoe is 1.63 m, or 5’4″. Just about what you’d expect if you’ve seen her vlogs!

What Is Zoella’s Net Worth? How Much Does Zoella make?

Zoella is known to earn $60,000 a month from ad and sponsorship revenue. Her net worth isn’t known, but is estimated to be $3.6 million.

Where Does Zoella Live?

Zoe is currently living in Brighton, England with her boyfriend Alfie, in what they like to call the “Zalfie Pad.” She is originally from a town called Lacock in Wiltshire, England.


Zoella’s online career is going strong and her brand has allowed her to branch out into other business ventures, or ways to connect to her followers as she likes to call them. There’s the Zoella bath and beauty line which has fun packaging, products that smell really nice, and everything is very affordable. She recently introduced a new Christmas-themed line which was set up in an apartment where fans could come meet her and check out the products.

There are Zoella pencils and notebooks with motivational sayings to keep you as focused and productive as she seems to be, which she features in her bright, seriously inspirational home office tour. She also links to clothing and accessories in her style on the “shop” tab of her blog.

Fans have speculated about the possibility of a fourth Girl Online entry, with some saying that the end of the third seemed final, and others saying that they wanted more closure and more from their favorite characters. So far, nothing has been announced in that regard. Meanwhile, Zoe, Alfie, and Nala continue to live their adorable lives, bringing us all along for the ride as they do.

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