How To Go Zero Waste On Your Beauty Routine & Why You Should

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When it comes to living a sustainable lifestyle, many people have the mindset of “I’m all in, but just until this point”. Sure, something is better than nothing, but with a plethora of misconceptions behind what sustainability is and why it is important, it is easy to see why many of us have our limits. Sustainability and living an eco-friendly lifestyle means caring for the environment in which you live in. It is important to realize that while it helps those around you (animals and plants included), there is plenty in it for you too!

Some people have picked up on the new trend of zero waste. Let us take a deep dive into what a zero-waste lifestyle really looks like, and maybe you can get on board too!

What Is Zero Waste & What Is Zero Waste Living?

Garbage bin in the middle of street.

Overflowing garbage.

In a nutshell: zero waste aims to send nothing to the landfill. Instead of disregarding certain resources or recycling only as much as you can, zero waste pushes all the resources fully back into the system. You might be wondering what is so bad about landfills, so allow me to explain. Not only is there an issue of overconsumption but the landfills are often filled with toxic waste. What is more, is that a lot of this trash does not even arrive at the landfill site! Anything that is not biodegradable (which is, unfortunately, a rather large amount of our trash) ends up on the side of the road or in the ocean where it harms wildlife.

Recycling can only get us so far because there is just too much to process. Plus, not everything that we recycle even makes it to recycling. Studies show that up to 91% of plastic is not recycled. This means that ‘reduce and reuse’ (the basics of zero waste) are the best way forward.

The concept of zero waste living is fairly self-explanatory – it hopes to reduce all the waste in your life to zero! This is not easy, and sometimes there will be no choice but to create at least a small amount of waste, but the concept hopes to give a starting point to a more sustainable lifestyle both for us and for the planet.

Zero Waste Products Explained 

With the rising awareness of the need to lead a more sustainable lifestyle, zero waste brands are creating what is known as “zero waste products”. These products are just what they sound like – absolutely no aspect goes to waste. Whether that is achieved through naked packaging, reusable packaging, or reusable products, every component of the product is considered in terms of where it will end up when you have finished using it!

Although this is a wonderful concept, there are fewer companies than you’d like producing these kinds of products. This means that many zero waster’s are turning to their own version of zero waste products: DIYs! If you can find a zero-waste item, why not just make one? Not only does this save money in the long run, but it has a profoundly positive impact on the environment. You’d be surprised at what you can make in the comfort of your own home that works just as well, if not better than, it’s conventional counterparts. One such area that this is achieved is in your skincare and beauty routine!

Zero Waste Beauty: Zero Waste Skin Care Explained

Woman laughing with moisturizing lotion lines on face.

Woman applying moisturizer.

In an attempt to embrace the zero-waste lifestyle, many consumers are trying to incorporate this concept into their beauty routines. Unfortunately, this is much harder than it sounds. Just walking through a beauty aisle in the store opens your eyes to how much plastic-packaged skincare products are sold in stores. Plastic-free packaging is hard to come by.

You’ll probably have to do a little research if you want to go zero waste on your beauty routine because sometimes it comes down to the all-important questions: what can I cut out and what can I double up? When you know that 100% pure coconut oil can work effectively as a makeup remover, moisturizer, and shaving oil, you’re well on your way to developing a zero-waste skin care routine. And there are so many more natural ingredients on that list of products that double up. Lavender essential oil can be used in a range of DIYs for both skin and hair! And there are more natural ingredients where that came from.

One beauty company that is changing the name of zero waste beauty is Lush. They’ve been sharing naked packaging with the world before it was even trendy. Many of their products, including face washes, shampoos, deodorants, and so much more, are all completely packaging free! What’s more is that their natural formulas really work. You can get the results your body deserves without the guilt of harming the environment in the process. It’s a win-win.

What Is Zero Waste Makeup?

Makeup often comes with a lot of packaging – much more than necessary. Zero waste makeup is makeup that is created to leave you without any waste! Essentially, this helps you along on your zero-waste journey. When the zero-waste concept was first evolved, many people took to their kitchens to make their makeup in a DIY setting. But now, as more companies are catching on to this sustainable trend, this doesn’t necessarily have to be the case.

If you don’t always have time to DIY your makeup, then luckily for you, there are companies that are selling zero waste makeup. Okay, the truth is that most of these companies are not offering entirely zero waste products but they are heading in the right direction! The product packaging is recyclable or decomposes, and the products themselves are vegan and cruelty-free – just the way I like … well … anything! Companies include Elate Cosmetics, Kjaer Weis, and Aether Beauty.

How To Be Zero Waste: Zero Waste Tips

1. The 5 R’s

The first tip to keep in mind is really 5 tips rolled into one – the 5 R’s. They are as follows: “Refuse what you do not need. Reduce what you do not need. Reuse what you consume. Recycle what you cannot refuse, reduce, or reuse. Rot the rest”. This is based on Bea Johnson’s 100 tips for a zero waste home. With this in mind, you can start to cut down on a significant amount of waste in your life.

2. Diet

Mason jars filled with vegetables and fruit for meal prep.

Meal prepped mason jars.

Another way to kick-start a zero-waste lifestyle is by focusing on your diet. Cutting back on processed foods can often save an alarming amount of packaging! This is because fresh food doesn’t usually come in any packaging at all. Sure, you can indulge in the processed stuff from time to time, but by keeping your food as fresh as possible you ease yourself into a zero-waste life. These package-free foods are also often more beneficial for your health!

3. Packaging

It sounds obvious, but if you’re looking for zero waste tips, I have to mention packaging. Be on the lookout for brands that encourage zero waste and you’re well on your way to living your most sustainable life. Packaging contributes to an alarming amount of worldwide waste, and once you start looking out, you’ll be surprised how easy it is to find products that have less packaging than you’re used to.

DIY Zero Waste Shampoo Recipe & Guide

Brunette woman shampooing her hair while showering.

Woman washing her hair.

I struggle with DIY shampoos because I’m a big fan of the suds and lather that you get with conventional shampoos. That being said, they really are the most eco-friendly option for anyone looking to live a zero-waste life. With that in mind, here’s our breakdown for your very own DIY zero waste shampoo.


  • 1 cup extra virgin coconut oil
  • ½ cup castile liquid soap
  • 1 cup aloe vera
  • 15 drops lavender essential oil / favorite essential oil


Mix together all the ingredients to form a paste. Store in a waterproof container and keep in the shower. The coconut oil, aloe vera, and lavender essential oil all work in harmony to create an antibacterial, balancing, and ultra-softening formula that leaves your hair smooth, strong, and most importantly clean! The best part is that you’ve cut out the plastic bottle that comes with conventional shampoos.

You can massage this DIY shampoo into your hair in the same way as you would with any other shampoo, but you just won’t experience the same suds. That doesn’t mean your hair is any less clean. In fact, you’re leaving out a whole host of harmful chemicals that are often used to get those suds in other shampoos. So, your hair is healthier, chemical-free, and you can help the environment while you shower. Sounds like a dream combo to me.


Ultimately, there are many ways that you can reduce waste in your life. Going completely zero waste might not be for you or it might just be too overwhelming right now. However, these tips are here to show you that it might not be as hard as it sounds. We all know that there is no Planet B, and it’s our responsibility to make sure that we leave this Earth in the best condition that we can for the next generations. It’s a tough task, but luckily, companies are starting to get on board with making it easier for us! Whether you make some changes to the way you consume your diet, reduce packaging, or make the most of the 5 R’s, there are small steps you can take to start living a zero waste lifestyle. Your great grandchildren and Mother Nature will thank you for it.

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