Wunder2 Cosmetics Review: The Wonder Of Wunder2

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Sometimes you have a surprise visitor on your face that can make you self conscious the whole day. Sometimes you’re heading out to a party and just want to add some pizzazz. Or maybe a touch of makeup every day simply gives you that boost you need to take on the day.

Whatever it is, makeup can make you feel truly wonderful. Well, that’s the idea behind WUNDER2. The company’s mission is to give customers products that will make their lives better – not stress them out.

WUNDER2 believes in customers getting to live confidently. No anxiety about too many choices. No complicated makeup solutions. Forget having to constantly reapply throughout the day. WUNDER2 makes their products long-lasting, waterproof, and smudge-proof whenever possible so you can keep feeling great all day long.

Wunder2 Wunderbrow Review

Wunder2 Wunderbrow.

Wunder2 Wunderbrow.

The WUNDER2 Wunderbrow will solve all of your eyebrow woes. It’s a long-lasting eyebrow gel that gives you eyebrows that look natural and full for days while being waterproof.

The eyebrow gel comes in 5 different shades- blonde, brunette, auburn, black-brown, and jet black. It will define, fill, and thicken your eyebrow with results that truly last. In addition to being waterproof, it’s also smudge-proof and transfer-proof. The gel is infused with hair-like fibers which help sculpt your eyebrow, and the product is good for both thick and thin eyebrows alike.

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In order to use, first make sure that your eyebrows are both dry and free of any oils or creams. Then make sure you have some of the products on the angled end of the dual precision brush. Use it to fill in gaps and create the exact shape that you want. Using the spoolie end of the brush, you then soften and groom your eyebrows while brushing the gel throughout. You can add more products if you feel that you need more coverage. When it’s ultimately time to remove the product from your brows, use an oil-based cleanser.

Wunder2 Foundation Review

Wunder2 Foundation.

Wunder2 Foundation.

You gotta check the WUNDER2 foundation out. Lightweight and buildable, the coverage lasts for 24 hours or more. It will even help the makeup you put on top of it last longer too. And with its hyaluronic acid, it will hydrate your skin while giving you full coverage.

The foundation comes in porcelain, sand, nude, honey, caramel, chocolate, and espresso. After application, it feels comfortable and flexible on the skin. So not only will it last long, but you also won’t want to take it off! True to the company’s word, this product is waterproof, transfer-proof, and pillow-proof.

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After you’ve applied a moisturizer or primer onto your face, dot the foundation onto your cheeks, forehead, and chin. Blend it evenly, in an outward motion while using a damp sponge. Then just apply the rest of your makeup and enjoy the natural glow!

Wunder2 Mascara Review  

Wunder2 Mascara.

Wunder2 Mascara.

It’s all in the name with this Lash Extension + Volumizing Mascara. It promises an instant lengthening and volumizing effect while also nourishing and hydrating your lashes. Plus, as you’d expect, it’s smudge-free, clump-free, and flake-free all day.

The WUNDER2 mascara is a deep black. The blue formula that you’ll notice won’t show on your lashes. It becomes invisible while it nourishes and hydrates, serving as a kind of primer and mascara combo. Just apply it with even strokes from the root of your lashes upwards. You can wiggle the wand from side to side in order to make sure that you’ve reached even those short lashes. Once you’re done you’ll notice the full effect – if you’ve done it right your lashes will look as good as falsies. 

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If we break down how this mascara works so well, it really is due to the 2 different formulas within it. As we mentioned, first there’s the blue formula, which nourishes and hydrates the lashes in order to prepare them for the second part of the formula. The second part is, of course, the black formula, which attaches mini 3-D lash extensions to the lash in order to create length and more volume. 

Is Wunder2 Makeup Cruelty Free? 

The bottom line is that yes, WUNDER2 makeup is cruelty free. And that’s not just a label that they slap on themselves, the brand is actually Leaping Bunny certified.

WUNDER2 proudly states on its website that it is, has always been, and will always be, cruelty-free. I truly admire a brand with such a commitment to its values. The company also says that many of its products are currently vegan, while it promises that any new products moving forward will be vegan as well. 

But WUNDER2’s commitment to health and safety does not end there. This year the company is redesigning their product boxes so that they will all be recyclable. And in case that wasn’t enough goodness for you, the company also partners with organizations like Lipstick Angels in order to cheer up cancer patients. Needless to say, I think this company is pretty awesome.


Well, there ya have the ins and outs of the WUNDER2 brand. Their products are reasonably priced, long-lasting, and of high quality. I love how the company keeps things simple without skimping on excellence. They truly seem to get what consumers need and have figured out a solid formula for delivering it.  

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