What Is White Noise? White Noise For Sleep Explained

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The longest anyone has ever stayed awake was eleven days and twenty-five minutes. The study was concocted by two highschool students when they needed to think of a science fair project and wanted to beat the world record at the time which was just under eleven days. One of the boys stayed awake, while the other observed. Somehow a sleep researcher got involved. The world didn’t know what would happen if someone didn’t sleep. They could possibly die. He somehow survived the time without sleep, but it wasn’t easy. His sensory and cognitive abilities were affected. It was concluded that different parts of the brain took cat naps while he was awake, which is why sometimes his senses were out of wack. With this dramatic intro in mind, let’s take a closer look at why sleep is so important. 

Why Sleep Is Important & How Sleep Affects The Brain

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Sleep Affects Your Brain

As you can see from the attempts of typical high school boys, sleep is crucial to our bodies being able to function. Many people tried to break the Guinness world record after them, but Guinness stopped certifying attempts because of how dangerous the stunt is. Most people don’t value sleep as much as they should. When life gets busy, the first thing that people usually cut out is hours of sleep. I’m guilty of this as well. However, sleep should be made a priority. You think you’ll just be able to sleep in on the weekend, but sleep doesn’t work like that. You can’t make up sleep. The boy who didn’t sleep for eleven days only slept fourteen hours when he finally got to sleep. He also says that he suffers from terrible insomnia from the stunt. There’s no such thing as making up sleep, which is why you should make catching your Z’s a priority.

Our brains do a lot of work while we sleep. You may think that our brain turns off while we’re sleeping, but it’s working harder than ever. While we’re sleeping, our brain helps solidify our memories from the day. During the day, our brain had to make a lot of connection, but at night it sorts through everything to decide what’s important and what’s not. During sleep, our brains also clear out bad toxins. Basically, our brains get rid of the gunk that could be a precursor for Alzheimer’s disease. Sleep allows us to focus better which helps us be better decision-makers. Sleep affects our mental health as well. A lack of sleep can cause depression or worsen it. Many people that suffer from depression have a hard time falling asleep or get too much sleep. 

What Is White Noise? White Noise Explained

White noise is created when the sounds of all different frequencies come together. It’s called white noise because of white light, which is a combination of all the different colors, so white noise is a combination of different sounds and frequencies. Many believe that white noise is only the sound of crashing waves, rainfall, or static from a TV, but it’s so much more. It can be any noise that has the same intensity and amplitude throughout. 

White noise is usually used to cover up other noises and sounds. It may seem counterproductive, but it works very well. Just like you can’t differentiate voice in a group of one hundred people speaking, you can’t hear the voice of your next-door neighbor if you use your fan as white noise. Your brain won’t be able to pick it out anymore. White noise also has to be consistent. If someone is sleeping with a fan making noise and you turn it off, they’ll most likeley wake up. Not all white noise is created equally. A child may need something different then their parent and your partner may like something different than you. In that case, you need to find a compromise. 

Pink Noise Vs White Noise Vs Brown Noise Breakdown

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Woman Experiencing A Deep Sleep

You’ve definitely heard about white noise before today, but you may not have known there was also pink noise and brown noise. Pink noise is different than white noise because it’s louder at its lowest frequency and softer at its highest frequency. Real-life pink noise is a light to medium rainfall. It can get pretty loud. Pink noise may be more effective for some people to get a better night’s sleep compared to white noise. It really just depends on what soothes you more and keeps you sleeping. A steady pink noise has been shown to reduce brain waves. Therefore, it increases your stable sleep. 

Unlike pink noise, brown noise isn’t quite as startling. At the low end, brown noise is strong and deep. It doesn’t contain any high-frequency sounds that are typical with white and pink noise. Many people actually enjoy listening to brown noise more than the other types of noise. It’s got a lot more bass. The changes in brown noise are random. As the frequency increases, the power decreases, which leads to very pleasant sounds that can be best described as a warm hug to your ears. Brown noise may sound very similar to white noise but it’s actually much deeper.

Top 3 Best White Noise Apps Review 

1. myNoise

The app myNoise is so great because the noises are customizable. You can choose what color noise you want to hear. There’s so much more than just white, pink, and brown. There’s also blue noise, violet noise, grey noise, red noise, green noise, and black noise. However, the top three that are most likeley to help you sleep are white, pink, and brown. This app allows you to customize, but you can also let the app choose for you too. It’s a free app, but you can purchase additional sounds, like walking through the woods, for a dollar each. 

2. Atmosphere: Relaxing Sounds

If you want a lot of sounds for free, then Atmosphere: Relaxing Sounds is the right app to choose. You may not want to use a fan for white noise and you don’t have to. This app has over one hundred sounds for you to search through. The cool thing about this app is that you can play multiple sounds at the same time and then save the combination to your favorites. With so many options, you can use it as a baby white noise app. You can even set the timer so it doesn’t drain the battery and stops after your child falls asleep. 

3. Chroma Doze

Chroma Doze is for all you Android users. It’s free with absolutely no adds. It generates noise based on an algorithm. And listen to this, you can control the algorithm by tweaking the curve of the sound wave. You have complete control of choosing the perfect noise for you to get the most Z’s. One of its best features is that it can run in the background of your phone. This will allow your battery life to last much longer than apps that won’t run in the background. If you want to make your sleep a priority, then you should look into getting one of these apps. They are all free, so you have no excuses. 


As you can see, sleep is crucial to our mental and consequently our physical health. If you have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep, you should consider white noise, pink noise, or brown noise. Everyone is different and just because your best friend swears by the white noise that allows them to sleep through the night, doesn’t mean it will work for you. 

White noise, pink noise, and brown noise are the reasons why we can fall asleep in the back seat of a car or on a bus. They’re the reasons why most people fall asleep while laying on a crowded beach. There’s so much noise, that it’s like there’s none. The majority of parents want to teach their kids to fall asleep in any circumstances. It may be hard but it’s best to not shush people when there’s a sleeping baby in the room. According to studies, babies fall asleep much easier and quicker if there’s some type of white noise with them. At the same time, your teaching your child to only be able to fall asleep with white noise, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing since white noise is all around us and can be easily accessed from an app on our phones. If you make your sleep a priority, your mind and body will thank you. 

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