Wet n Wild Beauty Review: Let’s Get Wild!

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Who hasn’t heard of Wet n Wild? If you were anything like me growing up, you were hanging out in the makeup aisle of your local Walmart or Walgreens and picking out cheap makeup to practice on. I was a bit hesitant to go for Wet n Wild products initially. My 11-year-old brain figured that all the products are water-based, making them runny and faint. My hypothesis was proven after I bought a lip gloss, which was super sticky, but not runny like I first thought.

Skipping a few years to the future, I spent long hours in front of the mirror trying to cover up my (thankfully slight) acne and dark under-eye circles. If I do say so myself, I got pretty good at it. I would definitely recommend Wet n Wild to anyone just starting out on their own makeup journey. This is especially true if they are unsure of how to properly use the products.

The colors aren’t too “out there” to make you look like a clown if you layer too much on. Plus, they’re cheap enough that a young tween without a lot of money can still afford them.

Something I discovered about this product line while writing this piece is that Wet n Wild has fun limited editions of products, from eyeliner to makeup brushes. They even have a whole section on their website of products used on The View. Hey, if it’s being used on TV, there’s got to be something to this brand, right?

Wet n Wild Beauty Company History And Background Explained

The history of this company is pretty standard, with no frills or heart-wrenching underdog story of a poor girl wanting to make cheap makeup products available. But that might actually be what makes it unique, so that’s okay.

The brand was started in 1979 in Brooklyn, NY and was bought by a company called Markwins, which moved to LA in 2003. It’s surprising how innovative and quick this company is in winning the hearts of American girls across the country.

Wet n Wild was the first company to sell black nail polish. I don’t know how many bottles of black nail polish I used through middle and high school, but let’s just say, a fair few. I still have the stains on the carpet in my childhood bedroom to prove it. Black nail polish might be par for the course these days, but back then, it was the new kid on the block. And you can see for yourself how well it’s taken off since!

Wet n Wild also claims to sell a black eyeliner every 20 seconds. To be honest, their eyeliner might not become your favorite. It’s not that long lasting, and it’s the kind that needs sharpening. Still, the description on the website does accurately describe the nostalgia of buying your first eyeliner, so that’s pretty sweet.

Another fact that I found out from the website is that Wet n Wild is the #1 brand in America that sells makeup at the best value. That’s pretty impressive, considering how many brands there are that sell quality products for super cheap. The company also collaborates with a lot of celebrities. The site lists celebrities that have advertised and used their products, some of whom include:

• Alexis Bledel
• Alyson Hannigan
• Jessica Biel
• Claire Danes
• Rachel Bilson
• Meryl STreep
• Solange Knowles

Also, of all the products out there, there is the least amount of lead found in Wet n Wild lipsticks. Who knew that lipstick contained lead? And since you end up ingesting a certain amount of all the lipstick you wear, you definitely want the amount of lead in it to be as low as possible!

The only thing I know about ingesting lead is that people who sold hats in the 1800s had lead poisoning due to the chemicals in the hats, which would make them go insane. (Yes, that’s why there is a character called the “Mad Hatter” in “Alice in Wonderland”.)

Wet n Wild has received at least 8 awards for best makeup. They also advertise that they teach the user how to apply the makeup. Other sites do this, as well, but it’s nice to see different ideas and different products being used.

Wet n Wild Beauty Products Overview

Alright, let’s get into the products that Wet n Wild has to offer. This beauty line sells products for your whole body from top to toe. Any type of makeup that you can brush, swipe, paint or mix is available. You name it, they’ve got it.

The “Best Sellers” are mostly newly released products, like the brushes, eyeshadow palettes, finishing spray and color correcting creams. The company comes out with new products all the time. Some new products include:
• Primer
• Makeup brushes
• Lip scrub
• Loose pigment which apparently can be used as eyeshadow, highlighter or body glitter
• All new shades of every kind of product out there
So while they may have been around for a while, Wet N Wild knows how to keep their brand fresh and up-to-date with the latest trends. You’ve got to hand it to them!

Is Wet n Wild Beauty Cruelty Free? Vegan?

Yes, this brand is cruelty free – and always has been! Not too many cosmetic companies can boast of this, especially ones that have been around for as long as Wet n Wild has. Any manufacturers they work with are also cruelty free.

I don’t know if you’ve seen any of the PETA videos of animal testing, but they are horrific. Even though animal safety awareness has been improving recently, there are still brands out there that continue to test on animals. So, it’s good to see that Wet n Wild has all its products certified by PETA. They take their animal safety seriously.

Not all products are vegan, though, so you do need to check the ingredients before you buy them. There is also a super helpful list on the website of all the products that are vegan.

Wet n Wild Beauty Photo Focus Foundation

Wet n Wild Photo Focus foundation open product bottle.

Wet n Wild Photo Focus foundation.

This foundation is only $5.99 and comes in 20 different shades. It doesn’t leave the skin feeling oily, which is good to note, especially considering the cheap price. The matte finish makes any selfies you take look perfect, without that weird white glow that makeup usually has. It’s called Photo Focus because Wet n Wild tested the glow and reflection of the skin with seven different kinds of lights (for example, sunlight, fluorescent, camera with a flash, etc.) to make sure your skin looks flawless in any pictures you take.

Wet n Wild Beauty Color Icon Glitter Review

Wet n Wild color icon glitter open product.

Wet n Wild color icon glitter.

This glitter is literally $0.99. It’s basically free. It comes in seven different colors and contains vitamin E to help keep your skin healthy and supple. This product makes for the perfect present for your little daughter/sister/niece. For less than a dollar, you can make her day and let her feel like she’s old enough to wear makeup like the grownups. Is your daughter’s friend having a birthday party soon? Buy a few of these glitters in different colors and package them cutely for an inexpensive gift that the birthday girl will love!

Wet n Wild Beauty Brow Pencil Review

Wet n Wild brow pencil and brush.

There are two types of brow pencils from Wet n Wild. Both have a brow brush on the end, which is super helpful to smooth out your eyebrows and blend in the color.

• The Ultimate Brow Retractable pencil is a creamier texture, and you don’t have to worry about sharpening it. The tip is really different than most eyebrow pencils. It’s sort of a slanted triangle shape that is perfectly shaped for filling in eyebrows. I started using this when the thicker eyebrow look became more popular. It comes in four different colors and costs $3.99 – quite the bargain!

• The Color Icon Brow pencil is pretty tiny and costs $2.49, which may be a bit steep for such a little pencil. I’ve found that brow pencils, in general, fade more quickly than cream products, too. If pencils are your preference, though, then this might be the product for you. This pencil, like the cream, comes in four different colors, as well.

Wet n Wild Beauty Megaslicks Lip Gloss Review

Coloricon pink lip gloss tube opened.

At last: the gloss that started it all! As a teenager, my school had a dress code that included no makeup. So, if I was going to wear makeup (which of course I was), it had to blend in and not look like gloss. Wet n Wild’s light pink shade of lip gloss (Sinless) is perfect for the ‘no-makeup’ look. I was pleasantly surprised at the variety and price available for these glosses.

Firstly, there’s a new Fantasy Makers line that costs just $0.99 per tube and comes in five different colors. This is the sale price, but usually the tubes cost just $1 extra. Again, it’s perfect for the little girls in your life!

It’s also perfect to keep in your handbag for emergencies. While it might not be your go-to lipstick, those emergencies do crop up, and it’ll be good to know you have something in your bag to help glam up when it’s needed. Plus, it’s cheap enough that if you accidentally leave your purse in your car on a hot day; you won’t be too devastated if it melts.

The Megaslicks glosses cost $2.49 each and are available in 17 different colors. I find the names interesting; the pink shade I’m favoring is called Crushed Grapes. The purple hue is called That’s My Jam and a purple-pink color is called Berried Treasure.

Wet n Wild Beauty Contour Brush Review

What’s your perfect angle? Wet N Wild is here to help you find out. This plush, angled brush is designed to fit the contours of your face during application to sculpt and shape. Once you get your contours down, you’ll be prepared for anything life throws your way. (Well, you’ll be prepared for getting your face makeup beautiful, at any rate.) This brush works for blush as well, and for the super-affordable price of $1.99, it’s a nice touch to add to your makeup tool collection.

Wet n Wild Beauty Take On The Day Mattifying Powder Review

Wet n' wild mattifying powder.

This matte powder color is called “Matte About You,” and honestly, I’m a sucker for cute (and slightly cheesy) product names. It’s $4.99 and contains silica to absorb the shine on your face and give you a dewy and finished look. It’s totally weightless and doesn’t add any color, so you can just brush it on after applying foundation for a cool, glowing look.

Wet n Wild Beauty Gold Bar Review

This gold-tinted highlighter came out during the holidays, and is a limited edition   highlighting palette. Unfortunately, it’s no longer available on the site. It’s gold and sparkly and frankly not my style, as shimmer can look a little bit immature. Still, I bet there will be more fun releases around the holidays that we can look forward to. If you’re really into shimmery highlights, keep an eye out for this around holiday season. Maybe you’ll get lucky, and Wet n Wild will release it again this year!


Phew, that was a wild ride (pun intended) on the nostalgia train. I’ve never thought about the origins of this company. Nor did I know that the amazing products that are so loved by us regular people and celebrities alike are so high in quality that they literally win awards.

The fact that Wet n Wild is cruelty-free also gives them extra marks in my book. Plus, if you’re careful to only use vegan products, there’s a great selection available for you from this brand.

It’s probably not the most mature brand – like I’ve said, there’s a lot of shimmer and glitter, which can look a little young. Still, there’s no question that for the price, you’re getting excellent value for money when you choose Wet n Wild. They’re cheap, easy, and do the job well. All in all, a company you would do well to try – if you haven’t already!

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