Vervain Tea Breakdown: Vervain Benefits Explained

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Nature is absolutely full of gifts that benefit our health and well-being. While some are well-known and widely used or eaten, others keep a lower profile. But it’s time to give them their chance to shine. One such gift is vervain.

Vervain, also called Verbena officinalis, is a perennial plant (meaning it has a life cycle of at least 2 years) and is a pretty purple color. You don’t buy it because it looks pretty in a vase on your coffee table, though: these humble plants can help your liver and immune function, help you relax, and reduce inflammation. If you’re thinking, “Wow! That’s a pretty tall order for a single plant!” But vervain really does work hard to improve your health and benefit your body.

Vervain Benefits Explained

Originally from southern Europe, this plant has loads of interesting names, like Simpler’s Joy, Enchanter’s Plant and Iron-weed – to name just a few. 

Blue Vervain (which is native to the US) is a natural diuretic. It’s also often taken by people who need to get their system moving. However, it’s also been known to induce labor, so don’t take it if you are pregnant (unless advised by a medical professional). You can also use it to detoxify the body since it stimulates your body to release urine. This process also expels extra salt and water. It’s also known to help people suffering from a bladder infection.

We all feel down at times, but it gets to be a problem for people whose hormones are out of whack. Vervain is often taken by people who suffer from anxiety, depression, or insomnia. This is because it balances out your hormones and keeps you feeling calmer and happier. This herb is known to stimulate your brain to produce neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine – both of which control your mood and help you feel happy. Vervain is considered a mild sedative, so besides for helping people deal with anxiety or stress, it’s often also used by people who suffer from epilepsy.

Another reason you might take vervain is because of its powerful anti-inflammatory properties. Vervain can help with respiratory problems like congestion, bronchitis or inflammation in your respiratory system. If you generally take tea to ease these sorts of symptoms or conditions, blue vervain tea is an excellent choice, because aside from being soothing, it can also lower the inflammation and help your sinuses and airways clear up. Besides which, anti-inflammatory agents can benefit your overall health in all areas of your body. They also lower your risk of developing minor and major conditions. Vervain is also antibacterial and antimicrobial, so it works great against bacterial infections and certain viruses.

Vervain Herb For Hormones And Hygiene

Ladies, you’ll be happy to hear this one. Vervain also works to reduce PMS symptoms like cramping or general pain. Plus, it keeps those mood swings under control, because it balances your hormones when they’re out of whack. The plant is often given to breastfeeding mothers who are experiencing issues, in order to help stimulate milk production.

If you’ve read our article all about garlic, you’ll know that the herb is loaded with nutrients that are great for your health. But you don’t have to read the article to know that it may not be the best thing for your breath. Like garlic, vervain is also packed with beneficial nutrients. Unlike garlic, though, it also works great as a natural mouthwash. Mix 2 tablespoons of vervain with one cup of boiling water. Wait for the mixture to cool down before using it as a mouthwash. The plant also supports gum health because of the tannins it contains, so it’s not only your breath that’s improving!

How To Use Vervain: Vervain Tea

Tea next to spoon and tablet on table.

You can make vervain tea to reap the benefits.

There are a few different ways to take or apply vervain, such as an infusion, an ointment, a tincture or as a tea. This largely depends on the health issue you’re targeting. While it does have many health benefits, always speak to your doctor before trying a new herbal remedy. There may be side effects that you aren’t aware of, or you may be allergic to it. In addition, young children and infants should not take vervain. You also shouldn’t take it if you’re on blood-thinning medication.

But if your doctor gives you the green light, vervain is definitely something you want to be including in your life. It’s heart-healthy, it’s time-tested, and it has also been used by people to relieve ailments like sprains or bruises, as well as skin conditions like eczema.


Mother Nature possesses some of the finest healing substances known to man. But in the case of this healer, humans are not the only ones who utilize and consume it. Several kinds of bird dine on vervain seeds regularly. The plant’s flowers bloom in the summertime (more towards the end of the season).  In the wild, these plants can grow in a multitude of soils, but they have an affinity for rougher areas.

If you’re looking for a natural way to give your health a boost, vervain just might be the answer! You can purchase a vervain plant for relatively cheap online. Not only will it give you all those benefits, but it will also provide you with a pretty display of purple blooms for your yard. There are pretty plants and there are health-boosting plants. However, not too many plants are both pleasing for your eyes and good for your health. That’s what makes vervain special – and a must as your next plant purchase.

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