Urban Decay Setting Spray Review: You Don’t Spray!

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Finally, setting sprays have become a staple in the makeup regime. No longer must we wonder why our perfect makeup never stays as long as when a professional is at the brush. Their secret is out, and we’re no longer in the dark: it’s because of the setting spray! Yup, it’s really as simple as that.

What Is Setting Spray Used For?

woman with red hair and makeup on

Setting spray.

Also known as ‘finishing spray’, this magic was reserved for makeup artists for the longest time. As someone who loves the process of makeup, setting spray is literally that last touch of your masterpiece. It’s the varnish of your artistry.

(That’s not even taking into account the absolute devastation of 45 minutes of makeup work resulting in nada once you step out in the sun, on the dance floor or anything taking longer than an hour or two.) Makeup is not known for its staying power. For some people it lasts even shorter than for others, but we’re basically all in the same boat once we really start sweating. And that’s why we all need a little setting spray in our lives: it’s the hair spray for the face.

Urban Decay Setting Spray Overview

If you’re very up to date in the beauty scene you may have a problem with something I said in the previous section. See it? You might be thinking, um, no, finishing spray and setting spray are not the same thing, sweetie. To which I say, usually you’d be right. And thank you for keeping me real. However, we are not talking about just any setting spray. We are talking Urban Decay.

OK, let’s catch everyone up. The usual difference between setting spray and finishing spray is that setting spray is intended to make your makeup invincible. Finishing spray, on the other hand, is more concerned with hydrating your skin post-makeup. Seems like a minor difference, but usually it does mean a whole different technology. But that’s where UD got you. Urban Decay’s formulas are so technologically advanced that you’ll only need the one product. Their setting spray also acts as a finishing spray. So, yup. Same thing.

Not only is their technology good for your skin, but it’s so advanced that there are different types of setting sprays for your hydration needs. We don’t all have the same hydration needs, but in this insta world we’re feeling the pressure to be camera-perfect at any given moment. Setting spray can do that for you. It’s like a filter that you can carry around in your purse.

Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray Review

Back when Urban Decay was little more than a bright pigment in the eyes of it’s founders, co-founder Wende Zomnir went out to clubs and distributed their nail polish. That’s called on-the-dance-floor marketing; for the people by the people. My guess is she would have seen a lot of smudged mascara and pasty faces where once sat perfect foundation.

You’ve probably been to your fair share of dances. And you’ve probably checked yourself out in the mirror after a particularly fun number, expecting to see your makeup as you applied it. Instead, your face actually looked more like a canvas that had sadly been left out in the rain.

All Nighter Setting Spray would never, ever let that happen to you. Listen, you’re gorgeous no matter what you put on your face, but it’s OK for your outsides to match your insides. 

All Nighter Setting Spray Explained

tube of urban decay setting spray

Urban decay all nighter setting spray.

There are some women who just don’t sweat that much. I don’t know them, but I’m sure they exist. Sweat is natural, it’s normal, it belongs on the dance floor. But let’s leave it out of the pictures. This spray works for all skin types. It’s the best wing-man a girl can have. It doesn’t have conditions, it’s just there for you, for hours and hours on end. Unconditional support like that is hard to find these days, am I right?

So, how does it work? Well, its formula was developed in an exclusive partnership with Skindinavia. Skindinavia works specifically with setting sprays, so you can be rest assured that Urban Decay work only with the best. The groundbreaking formula is paraben- and oil-free. It utilizes their own personal, patented temperature control technology to keep up with your moves.

These guys are serious about their make up technology, conducting a 50-person, 7-day study to monitor results. People were really happy! (Incidentally, how does one get involved in these studies? I’m sure I’d have shared their sentiments.) Of the lucky 50 who participated, over 80% reported that their make up not only stayed for over 16 hours, but that it looked better as well. So, there you go: it really is like having your makeup professionally applied, in terms of both lasting power and looks!

Urban Decay De-Slick Setting Spray Review

Tube and box of Urban Decay De-Slick Setting Spray

Urban Decay de-slick setting spray.

Also developed with the good folks over at Skindinavia, the De-Slick setting spray offers an alternative for our shiny brothers and sisters. I’m a combination skin gal, myself. This means it’s anyone’s guess if my skin will feel tight and itchy, or if I’ll be bathing in oil by 3pm. It’s usually about environmental factors, but even after a day indoors, I’m always surprised to find a sheen on my forehead.

Using the same amazing temperature control technology, with added extras, your makeup stays long-lasting while your face remains shine-free!

In UD’s study of the formula, 100% of participants reported makeup meltdown prevention. Serious stuff. 100% of people were happy with it. I like them odds. 85% said it’s the longest-lasting oil-control product they have ever used.

I love this because when you have a problem with something like oil control, you really try everything. The whole ‘best I’ve ever used’ concept gives you an idea of all the empties in these people’s trash. But De-slick made the cut. The people trying out every bottle until they finally got here, they’re the ones I really believe!

Urban Decay Chill Setting Spray Review

I’ve talked a lot about the incredible temperature control technology, but here’s where it gets next level. Time release. I don’t even know how time release works, that’s why I’m lobbying to be a tester and not a scientist, but it works. If you live somewhere that the heat isn’t bothering you, you may not be very impressed with this baby, as she acts like a normal setting spray. Only when the sun comes out, or you’re really exerting yourself, is it her time to shine (no pun intended).

Tube and box of Urban Decay Chill Setting Spray

Urban Decay chill setting spray.

The technology in this setting spray actually chills the temperature of your makeup and lasts for up to 12 hours. It’s for all skin types (I mean, we all sweat). It leaves you with a dewy, not drenched, complexion, and sets your makeup like the rest of the UD setting spray squad.

94% of people surveyed said Chill kept their makeup looked ‘just-applied’ . 88% said that their concealer, foundation, shadow and blush lasted longer, as well.

I get most excited about this one because I really love makeup, and I also really love living my life. I don’t feel the two should be mutually exclusive. However, living my life usually means a few impromptu dance parties with myself and my horrified friends in the street, running after the bus, and generally standing too long in the sun (my life is ruled by public transport). With Chill, I can combine my love of makeup with my love of making a fool of myself in public (or something of that nature). And that really is the dream.

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Urban Decay’s setting spray range pays as much attention to detail as you would expect from the folks who brought you the Naked range. Special thanks to Skindinavia for sharing their specialty with our favorite beauty junkies and bringing temperature control to the masses.

Thanks, De-slick, All Nighter, and Chill! From now on you can sing like the stage lights won’t highlight any oil, dance like the camera flash won’t find a smudge of mascara, and live like the sun beating down on you won’t melt your foundation. Because with Urban Decay’s setting sprays, those impossibilities have just become the reality!

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