Urban Decay’s Best Lipsticks Reviewed

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Urban Decay is the brand that you picked up with your first paycheck because the packaging was so cool and you finally wanted real makeup. Having acclimated your skin and senses to harsh drug store makeup, and not really knowing the difference in quality, the cool packaging said everything you wanted your makeup to say: edgy, independent, and in control of your finances.

That was your younger-self. Over time, through trial and error you found that, actually, Urban Decay’s superior brand reaches far beyond their packaging and throughout their entire range of products. And that, my friends, is how you establish a cult following. Get the beauty junkies in for the aesthetic, and keep them with quality.

Urban Decay Lipstick Line Overview

Stylized photo of an urban decay pink lipstick.

Urban Decay Lipstick

The Urban Decay lipstick line is a testament to the brands individualistic style and attention to detail. In both shade range and formula, these lipsticks are catered to everyone. First on the market in fun colors, Urban Decay were known for their bold navy’s and blazing oranges. However, when you have a single line boasting 140 colors, you’re never limited to one look (more on that later).

Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick Review

Four purple revolution urban decay lipsticks.

Urban Decay Revolution Lipsticks.

Let’s start off with the Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick. I’ll begin by saying this particular line has been discontinued, but it gets a mention because it spawned incredible colors and formulas still in circulation today – also, you can still find some floating around the interwebs, and they’re a great ol’ faithful. The line introduced Urban Decay’s signature high pigment makeup to lip color. It was so great, they just had to bring some back.

Urban Decay Vice Lipstick Review

Three open tubes of Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks.

Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks.

Vice is the new revolution. My vice is that I can’t decide between these incredible shades and I just want to bundle them all. But that’s not revolutionary information. Okay, I’ll stop with the puns. So, this line brought with it a bazillion new shades, along with a few classics from the Revolution line, like Matte and Sheer Revolution. There are 135 shades, and 6 finishes in the Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks. Shall we go through a few of them? Let’s!

First up we have Mega Matte. Urban Decay calls it their ‘most intense matte’, which I feel is an oxymoron, but sure, I get what they mean. It’s the dryest looking, non-budge lip color they got. Having said that, these lipsticks are all packed with aloe vera, jojoba, avocado and babassu oils which nourish and soften lips, as well as Illipe butter to provide long-lasting moisture. And if that wasn’t enough, vitamin C and vitamin E provide a hit of antioxidants. So you’ll get that ‘intense matte’ look, with all the bonuses of a straight up lip balm and more.

Then we’ve got Comfort Matte, which is a creamier kind of matte. This matte won’t take away from your look, will only add, and laughs at all your jokes. It’s just less intense in general. Following close in the comfort factor is Cream. Your classic lipstick companion. Nothing crazy, there for you through the good times, the bad times, won’t run when the bill comes. She’s a reliable one.

Metallized! My favesies! You may not wear it to an interview but it will give you that pop you need. Unless you’re working for Urban Decay, that might get you a foot in. But don’t quote me on that. In summation: opaque, color punch, sheen for days that isn’t glittery, boss.  On the complete other end of the spectrum is Sheer.

If lipsticks were Spice Girls, Metallized would be Geri or Scary, and Sheer would be Baby. If you can’t follow those references, it will do your heart good to look them up. There’s still that color punch there, but it’s more the kind of punch you get from an amazing sugary cocktail.

Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks comes in a modernized, luxed-up version of our original lipstick case that looked like a shotgun shell. It’s new, but speaks to your roots. The faceted gunmetal case has a gold base and debossed lettering, and a custom-designed lipstick features an embossed “UD.” 

Urban Decay Liquid Lipstick Review

Urban Decay Liquid Lipsticks laid out for display.

Urban Decay Liquid Lipstick.

I’m a big fan of liquid lipstick. Long lasting, super matte, what’s not to love? Oh, right, the hell of an application process. Look, anyone who tells you makeup isn’t an art, hand them a liquid lipstick. The incredible thing about Urban Decay Liquid Lipstick is it will not move. It is the longest lasting of the longest lasting. The hardest thing about Urban Decay liquid lipstick is that it will not move. So get very comfortable with the application process.

There are 40 gorgeous colors to choose from. Urban Decay say that applying it as a top coat will turn any shade into a long lasting dream, but I actually also like to use this as a base. The amazing thing about this long lasting formula is that it’s non-drying. Your lips won’t be crying from the long wear, they’ll be glad for it.

Urban Decay 1993 Lipstick Review

Marketing photo of Urban Decay 1993 Lipstick.

Urban Decay 1993 Lipstick.

This is a revered favorite, but unfortunately Urban Decay is phasing this one out. Starting off as a cream lipstick, the Urban Decay 1993 Lipstick has moved its way into liquid and seems to be on the shelves for discontinuation. Why do people love this lipstick so much? Personally, it reminds me of Cindy Crawford, and you know what that means: the golden years. The newly released Naked Heat might have what you’re looking for if you’re in need of a good substitute.


I feel kind of bias when it comes to Urban Decay. I’m not sure if it’s their superior products, how often the word pigment comes up with their name, or if I just like the way it looks in my makeup drawer (read as: closet). The point is, short of a few shades I could personally live without, I don’t have a sub par thing to say about Urban Decay. I even appreciate them for making shades I don’t like, they’re always making something for everyone! So, pop one in your handbag, makeup bag, or of course, your trusty bra, today!

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