The Top 5 Iconic Short Hairstyles Ranked

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Every now and then we may be inclined to try something a little more drastic when it comes to selecting a hairstyle. Sometimes we’re just daring by nature. Either way, rocking a short hairstyle is definitely in style these days for both men and women.

But what style should you go for? What would suit you best, yet retain a sense of professionalism or neatness in your general demeanor? I hope to give you some inspiration when you step into the salon.

1. Audrey Tatou In Amélie

Audrey Tautou smiling in Amelie.

Amélie features Audrey Tautou’s short hairstyle.

When I first saw Audrey Tatou in Amélie I immediately fell in love with everything about her. The quirky nature, those luscious brown eyes and of course the short hair style. In fact, it’s the French who originally invented the short bob hair style, when a modernist hair dresser named Paul Poiret created the mode à la garçonne (or ‘style of a man’) in 1908.

So, I found her character and hairstyle a fitting tribute to this period in fashion, and the cut is as avant garde now as it was then – a timeless, sexy classic.

2. Halle Berry In All Her Films

Halle Berry smiling at press event.

There’s nothing quite like Halle Berry’s short ‘do.

Halle Berry is easily one of the sexiest woman in film and always seems to have amazing hair – regardless of the role she’s playing. She can rock it long or short and is a pretty good model to look at if you’re a darker skinned gal looking for ideas on what to do with your hair, whether you’re wearing it straight or rocking that fro!

3. Brad Pitt In Burn After Reading

Brad pitt using phone during scene in burn after reading.

Burn After Reading’s Brad Pitt.

Brad Pitt is well-known for his amazing performances in a variety of different roles across a spectrum of genres. But in this ‘realistic’ comedy/crime-thriller, he plays a fitness junky whose slightly narcissistic and, of course, blonde.

His hairstyle in this film is a lot closer to the kind of styles you’re likely to find men wearing on the streets these days and is both fashionable and professional at the same time. I’d also definitely recommend watching the film as I think it deserved more critical acclaim than it got plus I love the Coen brother’s films.

4. Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson In All Of His Films

Dwyane Johnson smiling.

The classic look of Dwyane Johnson.

Other than recently being voted the sexiest man alive, Dwayne Johnson has a pretty easy solution to the whole ‘hair-style’ thing – he simply shaves it all off! While this may not be ideal for most men, if you can rock a bald head – give it a try.

It not only feels refreshing during those hot summer days, but is incredibly easy to manage. You won’t have to worry about expensive products and bad hair days! Plus, you can avoid the hassle of balding if you have naturally thinner hair. A shaved head also helps to hide your age a little better. No need to worry about dealing grey hairs when you’ve got none to worry about.

5. Uma Thurman In Pulp Fiction

Uma thurman lying down and smoking in pulp fiction scene.

The iconic Uma Thurman Pulp Fiction look.

Uma Thurman has played some pretty badass roles in her life. However, the character of Mia Wallace really sets the bar in terms of how far out she’s willing to go in order to get into character. Mia’s hairstyle is a sort of wavy, shoulder-length straight cut. It could just as easily be converted to suite naturally curly hair.

For a role that really helped to define her career, the hairstyle in turn, helped to influence an entire generation of women in the 90’s. In my opinion, it’s a perfect cut because it’s both professional and fun. Great for any job type or outfit, regardless of the season.


These are my top 5 hair styles and I hope they give you some inspiration! That is, inspiration when it comes to selecting your cut the next time you’re in the salon.

However, these are just 5 from a much longer list in actuality (I didn’t even touch on Audrey Hepburn, Drew Barrymore, Liv Taylor, Tom Cruise, Edward Norton etc. Don’t be afraid to hit the web or scroll through your DVD collection if you’re looking for timeless classics!


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