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In this Tigi Bed Head matte review I will go in depth into who it’s for and what it does so let’s begin! Go go go go go grease lightning! Nothing says 1950’s quite like a guy with shiny, heavily slicked-back hair thanks to overuse of wax or gel products. While we’re at it, I might as well ask my girlfriend to go dress up in her poodle skirt and cat-eye sunglasses while we start getting ready for the high school dance.

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Grease Lightning

Over the decades, different hairstyles have come in and out of fashion for men, but one thing remains the same: too much hair product is never a good thing. While Greasers in the 50’s aimed for more grease, nowadays we look for ways to get rid of greasy hair.  Heavy metal bands in the 80’s were proponents of more is better but when we mess around with our hair too much, the results are never good. Do you really want your future kids and grand-kids to look back at pictures and laugh at how ridiculous everyone looked in the 2000’s and 2010’s, the way we do with our own parents?

Us guys are stuck in a predicament: we don’t want to look like we’ve been trying too hard with our hair, but we also want to look good. I’m all about that just-rolled-out-of-bed-looking-this-naturally-handsome look, but the only issue is that when I actually do roll out of bed, I look decidedly less attractive and more like a homeless person who hasn’t seen a shower in the past month. So what’s a dude to do?

My Secret Hair Care Weapon

Tigi Bed Head matte separation is a little weapon I like to keep in my arsenal when it comes to good grooming. Ok, I’ll confess: it’s the ONLY weapon I use on this particular front. I never understood why some people have an entire cabinet full of hair products – if there are 2 or 3 people living in your home, why do you have enough products to take care of the hair needs of a small country?

I’m fortunate in that I haven’t started to bald (yet), but my hair is still relatively thin and fine. I on occasion also find my hair to be dry and although I know oil for dry hair works best, i needed something that would also help with my thinning hair. My hair sticks to my scalp, making it look like I have less hair than I actually do. Not the best look, but definitely workable.

When it comes to making my hair look its best, the goal is simple: a bit of volume, a bit of oomph, and nothing that will let the world know that I have anything in my hair. When it comes to natural hair gel for men I want something discreet and good at keeping a secret. Well, the good news is that Bed Head TiGi has my back, in the form of matte separation workable wax.

The great thing about this wax is that it keeps hair in place without that awful crunchy middle school look to it. It’s a delicate balance to be struck: you want a product that will actually provide the needed hold, but without too much force; you want something that will look natural and smooth, but still actually do something. This wax is good at walking that line, with a natural matte finish to boot.

A great way to get your style and hold in place and the fact that it is a pliable wax means that your hair won’t be granted the ability to develop a mind of its own. And wouldn’t you know it, the wax is even humidity resistant. (Great for those of us in humid climates!)

And It Smells Great, Too!

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Great smelling hair gets ’em every time!

An added perk is the nice manly smell that this hair gel has. It’s not too noticeable, almost the equivalent of body wash a little while after you’ve stepped out of the shower. Just the kind of scent that if someone is getting very close to your face and hair, she might notice the faintest of pleasant aromas.

If your style gets messed up during the day, no problem with this product – just wet your hair again and add some new wax, to start from scratch. Alternatively, you can finger-comb your hair back into place without requiring you to add any more product. Though in my own personal experience, I haven’t really had a problem with this falling flat throughout the day, and find that if I put it in the morning before work, it lasts and lasts like the Energizer bunny until it’s time to go to sleep.

At between $10-$15 per pop, the wax is priced affordably enough that even the stingiest of men shouldn’t feel a pang of stress when they go to purchase this item. Especially if you only use a bit at a time (which I highly recommend, since this stuff is potent and too much can create greasy hair), you will likely find this little container lasting longer than you’d anticipated in the first place.

I’m convinced that this product will be around for years to come, but after my girlfriend’s favorite brand of lip gloss was discontinued, I got nervous and stocked up on a few more Bed Head products for my stash – just in case the company somehow stops producing them. Some people store water bottles and dehydrated food for the event of an emergency; me, I’ll be making sure that my hair looks good in the case of a zombie apocalypse.

Wax On, Wax Off

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Tigi Bed Head for Men

I haven’t yet tried the other Tigi Bed Head products for men, but from what I understand their other waxes are also pretty good. While Matte Separation is described as a “workable wax with matte finish”, the Pure Texture product is a “molding paste” and the new Slick Trick is a “masculine mix which combines structured hold with inspired shine.”

To my knowledge, the products are all fairly similar in that they are effective, strong, and non-crunchy. At the end of the day, you just have to try different products and see which one works best for wide variety of different natural hair types.

TiGi has a number of product lines, one of which is Bed Head. As the name implies, its aim is to get that “I woke up looking this way” vibe; none of that every hair in the right place typestyle. In addition to hair styling products, Bed Head by TiGi also makes shampoos and conditioners, most notably the TiGi Bed Head Resurrection Shampoo.
My sisters are big fans of this shampoo, and one of them is a hairdresser, so I trust her judgment so far as it comes to hair.

2019 Update: Am I Still Loving Tigi Bed Head Matte?

Like most people, we tend to go through phases when it comes to anything style-related. This could be based on trends, new products or even just our own personal tendencies to drift from one technique or style to another of our own accord.

However, some things don’t tend to go out of style as easily as others and the Tigi Bed Head Matte is definitely one of the few fashion staples that I will carry with me for the rest of my life.

It’s great for dry hair types and oilier hair types because of the fact that it’s largely a water based wax – besides that, it also gives you great hold and similar results every time – consistency is key with regards to hair products and this is one that simply keeps delivering time after time.

I’m really grateful that Tigi haven’t changed anything regarding the recipe of this wax. It’s largely still the same product I enjoyed so much originally and I always keep a tub of the stuff in my bathroom for my more ‘every day’ looks.

While my job requires me to try out a range of products all the time, there are always only a few that I personally keep returning to because they work for me or I simply think they’re a great product – and Tigi Bed Head Matte is definitely one of the few I’ll always keep in stock. I also hope that they never change the recipe or formula – as I really love how well it works in it’s current state. So fingers crossed that someone at Tigi is reading this!

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