Tigi Bed Head Hairspray Review: Tigi’s Top Contender?

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Welcome to the wonderful world of hairspray. In this Tigi Bed Head hairspray review, I will take you on a journey through time. We will explore the hairspray of yesteryear and the hairspray of today. On top of that, I will discuss the many uses of hairspray outside the hair care realm.

The Bigger, The Better!

Black and white portrait of model with big hair

The 60’s were a great time for big hair.

What hair wax and gel did to characterize the 1950’s, hairspray did for the 1960’s. As lyrics from the American musical “Hairspray” proclaim: “I’ve got my hairspray and radio; I’m ready to go!”

During this time period, women and girls tended to favor extremely voluminous hairstyles, such as the beehive. Another style, the bouffant, became popular after women began trying to emulate First Lady Jackie Kennedy. No matter the particular haircut, color or type, a common element amongst styles of this decade was: “the bigger, the better”.

The Swinging Sixties were categorized by a number of crucial changes taking place, both within the United States and around the world. Towards the later part of the decade, the counterculture movement evolved, and youth began questioning authority and demanding more freedoms. And while many advances in the fields of social justice and women’s rights continue to shape America until this very day, one aspect of the decade which has fortunately fallen out of fashion is the tendency towards large, crunchy, highly unnatural looking hairstyles.

Hairspray In The 21st Century Explained

Woman in curlers applying hairspray

Hair-raising hairspray

So why use hairspray at all, you ask if you aren’t looking to pile all of your hair into a big explosion on the top of your head? Well, the hairsprays of today can be used to create softer, more touchable styles that don’t remind us of the ghost of groovy hairdos past. For everyday use, hairspray can be used to create volume at the roots while simultaneously providing just a touch of the hold which allows hair to flow more naturally.

For special events or harsh weather conditions, you can spray hair with a bit of a heavier hand, to keep your style more securely in place.

There are a few things to keep in mind for the best application of hairspray. First of all, be careful that the spray is not too close to your hair (about a foot away) and keep the can moving as you spray, so you don’t wind up over-saturating one poor chunk of hair. Too much spray or spray applied too close to the hair, can give off a crunchier look. Many people choose to flip their hair upside down before spraying, for extra volume and lift. Alternatively, spraying the hair and then either curling or straightening it using hot tools gives your hairdo extra hold.

If you have a sensitive scalp, note that hairspray can further dry out scalp and hair, and so steer clear of areas which may present a problem for you. Sometimes it’s best to stick with spraying strands of your hair and leaving the scalp alone.

What this means for people with oily hair is that a bit of hairspray can absorb oily roots and although it won’t get rid of oily hair it will keep it looking fresher for longer. It can function as a dry shampoo of sorts. And if you find yourself getting flyaways along your hairline or bangs, a dab of hairspray can help smooth things down. This applies to eyebrows as well; a dot of hairspray on an eyebrow brush can tame and keep brows looking beautiful and in place.

Tigi Bed Head Hard Head Spray Review

Tigi bed head hard head spray.

Tigi hard head spray.

What I love about Tigi Bed Head hard head spray is that it provides a great amount of hold while still allowing for flexibility and movement. It dries instantly and doesn’t leave that nasty crunchiness so common of other brands. Furthermore, the formula is designed to condition and repair hair as it works, so the drying effects of the spray are counteracted by the moisturizing qualities you’ve come to know and love from Tigi. The aminomethyl propanol also serves to adjust your hair ph level. This spray leaves behind a nice touch of shine, and the citrus berry smell is absolutely divine. It is also possible to layer this product, and I generally stick with one light coat for daytime but go a bit heavier for more intense night looks such as romantic waves.

Something which I especially appreciate about Tigi is the fact that not only do they put out a quality product, but don’t put a ridiculous price tag on it. It can be difficult especially for those with natural hair types that are frizzy or otherwise unruly, to find the right hairspray that can tame your mane. This is certainly no small feat and in fact, I’ve found this product to be even more effective than more expensive brands.

Great hair begins in the shower, and for that reason, I recommend using this spray in conjunction with Tigi shampoo and/or conditioner. Tigi bed head products come in three levels of intensity, ranging from #1 (least intense) to #3 (most). I personally find that the lowest level is not enough to handle my hair, but both the Recovery shampoo and conditioner line (#2) and the Resurrection line (#3) are good options to revive dry, damaged, dull hair. They’re safe for color-treated locks, too! 

Hairspray Isn’t Just For Hair

Hairspray is traditionally used for, well, hair, but in a pinch, it can be used as a multi-purpose tool. Cleaning your home and notice that your beloved pet’s fur seems to be everywhere? A handy idea is to spray a tissue with some hairspray, and then use it to scoop up the fur. It will stick right to the spray on the tissue, and you can clean up in no time at all!

Hairspray can also be used to ward off insects in the home, without all the poisonous additives of traditional insect repellents. Spraying a stream of hairspray at a bee or other flying insect will take care of the unwelcomed guest. And as for warding off humans: if you find yourself walking somewhere alone at night and feeling a bit anxious, hairspray works just as effectively as carrying pepper spray or mace. If attacked or threatened, giving your attacker a face full of spray will grant you the opportunity to run away or call for help.

Furthermore, spraying tops or skirts with hairspray removes static and prevents your clothing from sticking to itself. A word of caution, though: silk and other delicate fabrics can be stained from hairspray, so only try this on sturdier and/or darker fabrics.

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Whether you use it for it’s intended hair holding purpose, or for any of the above nifty little tricks, Tigi bed head hard head spray really helps you get your head in the game!

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