Top 5 Nail Style Ideas For Summer: Fun And Flirty

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One of the greatest things about season change is hay fever. No, don’t worry, I’m not serious. One of the greatest things about season change, honestly, is the change in wardrobe. Having lived in the southern hemisphere, and then moved over to the northern hemisphere, I spent a year in my summer wardrobe, and by the time winter came around, it sure was a welcome change. But you know how it goes: as the winter drags on, you dream of the warm, sunny weather and bright, fun clothes that can only mean one thing: summer!

But it’s not only your clothes that get a makeover when the sun comes out – your nails do, too! You can’t have black or navy nails with your bright summer clothing; it just feels wrong. Once winter is over, we bid the colder colors goodbye and bring in the brights – and this most definitely applies to our nails as well.

Top 5 Simple Nail Designs For Summer

These nail designs are simple, so you can do them at home yourself to save money – but don’t be surprised if people ask you where you got them done. You’re sure to love these summery nail designs, which look super complicated but are in fact super simple.

1. Sky Nails

Summery Sky Nails

A summery sky makes the whole day better, so why not make your nails match it? Start with your base coat, then apply a matte shade of sky blue. Once that’s dry, take a bobby pin and open it. Dip one end of the bobby pin into white polish, and create clouds by drawing clusters of dots together, as you see here. You can use a dotting tool, but if you don’t own one, a bobby pin works well, and you would never know the difference. You can also use the head of a sewing pin.

The key here is the spacing – you don’t want your clouds too close together. You can choose to space them evenly or go for a more authentic look and just place them wherever your hand (or dotting tool) takes you. Once all your nail polish is dry, apply a clear top coat to complete this look.

2. The Splatter Effect

Splattered Nails

Nothing is as fun as splattered nails – and they’re so easy to create! After applying your base coat, apply your main color and then wait until it dries. I like white, because it’s so stark and everything shows up on it, but you can choose any color. A bright pink works well, too, and looks super summery. Next, choose your two splatter colors. Take a small amount of each and place them on a flat surface. Then take a clean plastic drinking straw and dip one end into one color a few times to pick up the color. Finally, blow through the other end over your nail to get the splattered look, and repeat this with the second color.

Do this for all your nails. Once dry, apply your clear top coat. Warning: this look does make a mess. Make sure you’re doing this over a disposable surface like a piece of foil or paper and have Q-tips and polish remover on hand to clean up around your nails when you’re done. The mess is so worth it, though! Your nails will look incredible.

3. Turquoise And Gold Stone

Turquoise And Gold Nails

I love this look, because it reminds me of robin’s eggs, which reminds me of sunny days. (Yes, I know that robin’s eggs don’t really have gold on them.) Use a turquoise color as your base color. Once it’s dry, take a piece of plastic – it could be a freezer bag or saran wrap or any kind of soft plastic that you can crumple – and scrunch it. Take a metallic gold color and paint a light coat over the plastic, and then dab the plastic onto your nails.

This will create a marbleized, stone effect. I love the fact that no two nails will look the same! You can do this on all your nails or pick one on each hand as a feature nail and leave the rest plain turquoise or gold. Apply your top coat, and you’re all set.

4. Hearts

Heart Nails

Seriously, hearts are never going to go out of style. Apply a base coat, let it dry, and then apply a coat of clear polish. Once dry, use an opaque white polish for the tips to create a French manicure – you can do this as thin or as thick as you like. Now for the heart. Dip a toothpick into red nail polish, and dot it onto your nail to create two even-sized dots.

The dots should not be touching, but should be close together, and there should be an equal amount of space on both sides between the dot and the side of your nail. The two dots should be slightly closer to your cuticle than your tip, if you want your heart to be exactly in the center of your nail.

Use the same toothpick and bring the first dot down diagonally to create one side of your mini heart. Do the same (but in the opposite direction) to the other dot, so that the two sides meet and form a small, perfect heart. Once your nails are dry, apply a sheer top coat to prevent chipping and add shine.

5. Upside Down

Under Nail Polish

This is a fun one, but you can only do it if you have long or fake nails. After applying a base coat, use a muted nude color for your nail. Then turn your hand around and paint the tips of the underside of your nail in a funky shade, like orange or hot pink. You might want to tape the skin around it so your whole finger doesn’t get full of weird-colored polish, though. I love this one, because it’s so original. Who decided that polish is only for the front of your nail, anyway?


The best creations in life are those that are easy to create, but look complex….which is why I’m obsessed with these nail looks! Summer is the time to be bold and assertive, so don’t be afraid to try something new – because you never know what will end up becoming your favorite!

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