Big Sexy Hair Review 2019: Get The Big, Sexy Hair You’ve Always Wanted!

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Women in some religions believe that the long stringy stuff sprouting out of our heads should be covered and hidden away for modesty reasons. It’s a hot topic and we all have an opinion about it. But who will argue that sexy hair makes us feel sexy and is an attraction drive. Marketers know what catches the attention of the  human psyche when they present women with long voluminous bouncy silky tresses of hair. No matter what you believe your reason for care, you’ll do whatever religiously for sexy hair.

Hollywood Hair Means Sexy Hair

No one is born with Hollywood perfect hair and when we look in the mirror naturally we only see our flaws. We want to feel confident and happy throughout the day. Our excuses for a frowny face on what we call a bad hair day range from flat, dull, frizzy, limp, course, and the list can go on. Though we don’t live in the 80s any more, for some of us, we yearn for even a little bit of the return of our own big hair.

The problem is again and again as we try to manage our hair to fight gravity, the right kind of product may want to make you tear your hair out. You would think with thousands of years of the human species playing around with hair there would be some sort of perfection….

Jessica Alba.

Hollywood hair.

Welcome to 2015, and the era of Sexy Hair. It all began 1992, by the famous celebrity hair stylist, Michael O’Rourke, who has recently been awarded the North America Hair Dressing Award for lifetime achievements. Sexy Hair continues to move forward impressively and boldly with former Estee Lauder general manager, Karl-Heinz Pitsch heading the way. Now they boast products in 45 countries holding over 60000 products!

Their mission statement reflects their product. Big! Bold! BOOM! Sexy Hair ambitiously runs a campaign of a lifetime for shamelessly sexy hair. Marilyn Monroe is their role model and hero, recalling her words on the Sexy Hair website, “In Hollywood girls virtue matter less than her hairdo.” And with Sexy Hair’s strong ties with Hollywood, an industry of physical perfection, thanks to Michael O’Rourke, it is fitting they employ the sex symbol of the century.

Big Sexy Hair Has Got Sexy Advertising

Marilyn Monroe in advertisement.

Sexy Hair is bringing Marilyn back to life.

Compared to other brands, Sexy Hair stands out on the shelf with a metallic shine to catch all the sexy women out there on the prowl for a boost. When you are looking for you next 100 likes on a selfie, you are sure to use a bottle that screams attention in distinction, as opposed to a clinical self-proclaimed sterile style bottle.

Hair is a symbol of unlimited artistic creativity and Sexy Hair has the team body to match it. The top 7 on the Sexy Hair website shines an impressive profile. It is truly fun as well as inspiring to read through each and every artist’s story and how they came to make the Sexy Hair team prestigious They have achieved everything you can dream of in a hairstyling industry world.

From runway shows, to appearances on top selling magazines, high college degrees, awards of all kinds and relevance. They deeply love and believe in what they are doing. There is passion and excitement in all aspects of their work when it comes to educating consumers and salons of their products.

Big Sexy Hair Ease of Use? Easy

“Apply to damp hair and style,” is not only too boring and too dull for Sexy Hair, but also simply limits the potential of what is in everyone’s hand to create! They offer multiples of style videos  for all us hair virgins to show how you can transform from flat and frumpy to wow and wonderful. They give clear guidance for every style, length, product line, and gender. Going wrong with Sexy Hair products would be like Michelangelo’s famous quote, “I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.”

Speaking of awards, what is the number one selling product for Hair Mousses and Foam? The most popular selling item on Sexy Hair Big Sexy Hair Powder Play Volumizing and Texturizing Powder shows big numbers for big hair. With almost 400 glowing five-star reviews, and 75% of 600 ratings is four or five star, the Powder Play never has a bad hair day.

Not your usual, spray all over, close your eyes, and try not to breathe, aerosol spray can; this unique texture comes in a powder! This allows for placement exactly where you need it, and avoids wasting. It comes out of holes in a star shape as you shake it, like baby powder, so you can customize the area you prefer for styling.

You get the hair standing up when you make the part, without the messiness of a gel! The powder feels cold and slippery when you touch it, giving it an awakening sense. Remember the number one tip when trying out for first time, “a little bit goes a long way.”


The Intelligence behind Beauty and the Ingredient Breakdown:

  1. Propylene Glycol – It’s a “humectant,” as it’s called in the chemical world, which means that it absorbs water and therefore classifies as a moisturizer. FDA approved.
  2. Silica Sylitate – The main ingredient in any volumizing hair powder. This chemical causes frictions between hair fibers, removes excess oil, and absorbs water. All this adds to the capacity of your hair.
  3. Euterpe Oleracea Pulp Oil – also known as Acai Fruit.
  4. Oryza Sativa (Rice) – An emollient that serves as a hair conditioning agent. According to the Cosmectic Ingredient Review expert panel declares this safe for cosmetic uses. ECOCERT and COSMOS both approve it as organic and ecological, in other words, a completely natural hair product. Its nutrients nourish and moisturize the skin and hair.
  5. Passiflora Edulis Seed Oil – More commonly referred to as Passion Fruit. Packed with natural plant oil extracts, this ingredient further sustains moisturization and conditioning.

Sodium Benzoate – A popular celebrity preservative. It is more natural and safer alternative to parabens that cause cancer.

Located just a half hour drive from Hollywood, Sexy Hair and their products get the first hand deal on latest trends for hair. This company and its team have earned a place on the top A-list there. Celebs are known to trust and shop only Sexy Hair brand. The team sticks by their side for OK! Magazine parties, New York Fashion Week, Gracie awards, and Movie Premiers.

In the home of where looks sell and everyone works hard to market themselves reaching millions a day, there is little wonder why the  most successful can be found sporting Sexy Hair products, as you can take a look on the website’s blogs.

And with that, it’s time to start believing in sexy hair and… mermaids! Recently with such great prosperity and blessing for the company, they have decided to give back to the world by teaming up with Project Mermaid. So far everything you’ve read up until now may sound like dreams and wishes, but by now you know for Sexy Hair it’s just a new type of bold.

The website illustrates Project Mermaid’s noble cause pitching, “Sexy Hair teamed up with the non-profit organization Project Mermaids to help raise awareness for the underwater ecosystem that is in constant jeopardy of being destroyed by uncontrolled fishing and trash.” After all what good is enjoying big hair and happy life when you know others are being hurt?

There is nothing like the feeling of a wonderful, splendid, happy hair day. Because even the Bible testifies that hair is a woman’s crowning glory, so you deserve to treat it with only star products. What would you rather – a headband for a crown or the visual exquisite, extravagant one you see on a queens head when you close your eyes. Sexy Hair reminds us to use our feminine qualities and capitalize shame free! Go Big and wear it Proud!

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