The Benefits Of Sesame Oil For Your Hair: Open Sesame!

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I find it amazing how kitchen staples can find their place in your bathroom, as part of your beauty regimen. And they shine just as brightly there as they do in your cooking! Most of us know how coconut oil can benefit your skin just as well as it can be used as a healthier alternative to vegetable oil in your stir-fry. ACV and garlic can both get rid of pimples, and can also increase the health benefits of your food. But I have to admit that one thing I never expected to put in my bathroom was sesame oil. When I heard about the idea of using sesame oil for hair, I thought, “Really? As in, the stuff you use on Asian food?”

And the answer is, yes. Because did you know that sesame oil can be arguably better for your hair than coconut oil? Or at least, just as good? Who knew, right? If the idea of using sesame oil in your hair sounds weird or gross to you at first, don’t worry. Just keep reading, and let’s see if I can change that.

The Benefits Of Sesame Oil For Your Hair

Woman picking hair out of comb.

Stress is a common cause for hair loss.

The sun might give your hair those natural highlights you’re after, but too much sun exposure can rid your hair of its moisture. While I don’t suggest you go applying sunblock through your strands, sesame oil acts a s a natural ‘sunscreen’ for your hair, and helps keep it hydrated and protected from the elements.

It can also increase the blood flow to your scalp, which nourishes your hair and helps it to grow strong and healthy. This is why sesame oil can be used to treat hair loss. It naturally encourages the body to keep things moving on your scalp. Sesame oil penetrates quite deeply, as well, so it also helps nourish your follicles, which are basically the things that keep your hair attached to your head – meaning that the oil helps to prevent breakage and hair loss.

One of the main reasons for hair loss is due to stress, and this is where sesame oil becomes a hero. Had a hectic day? Indulge in a little sesame oil treatment by warming the oil and massaging it through your scalp. This is not just good for your hair; it’s also incredibly calming, and because you’re less stressed, you’re also less likely to experience hair loss.

My high school science teacher once declared that she got her first grey hair when she was only 18. It’s a shame no-one told her about sesame oil back then, because no 18-year-old wants to walk around with grey hair. (Okay, so she has dyed it since then – but still!)

Besides for being packed with hair-healthy nutrients like iron, phosphorus, magnesium, selenium, zinc and amino acids, the oil also contains antioxidants, which fight against free radicals that cause hair damage (like grayness). It also has darkening properties, so it’s like a natural hair dye for grey hair.

Sesame Oil For Lice

Sesame seeds in hair.

Sesame oil kills lice and loosens nits.

Here’s an interesting (and slightly nauseating) one: sesame oil can be used to treat head lice (gross, I know). While lice is definitely not something that any of us want, it’s an inevitable part of life at some stage for most people. Especially young children, who can then spread it to their sibs. If you’re a mom, you’re probably well-acquainted with these little creatures.

Sesame oil is anti-fungal and antibacterial, which makes it one of the best natural lice-killing treatments. Mix together sesame oil with essential oil – tea tree, eucalyptus and neem oil all work well – and work it through the hair. Don a shower cap and let the mixture sit overnight. In the morning, the lice will have died, and the nits will have become loose, making them easier to comb out. (Is your scalp also feeling itchy now, or is it just me?)

Sesame Oil For Dry Hair

Woman receiving hair treatment.

Sesame oil makes deep conditioning a pleasure.

Moving on to more pleasant topics, sesame oil makes for a wonderful deep conditioning experience to keep your hair healthy, give it shine, and combat split ends. Add some of the warmed oil to your deep conditioner, and work it through your hair. Let it sit for at least an hour and do its magic underneath a shower cap. You’ll be giving your hair loads of nutrients and much-needed moisture! This is especially useful for people who are prone to dry (read: frizzy) hair.

If you suffer from dry hair, you might also have uncomfortable dandruff. Sesame oil adds moisture to your hair and fights dryness. So it was only a matter of time before someone decided to try it out as a remedy against dandruff, too. Genius, right? If you’re one of those dandruff people, try warming a little sesame oil before bed and massaging it through your hair. Wear a shower cap to bed, and let it sit overnight. Repeat twice or three times a week and you should notice relief pretty soon. Hooray!


I don’t know about you, but I’m sold. I have dry, frizzy hair that is prone to dandruff, so sesame oil sounds like the perfect oil for it!

Everyone, regardless of what sort of hair you have, needs to take care of their hair and keep it hydrated, healthy and strong. And really, with such a common and inexpensive oil like sesame oil, what have you got to lose?

Lazy Sunday morning this weekend? Treat yourself to a calming warm sesame oil treatment to really have a good start to the day. However you choose to use it, you’re bound to be buying another sesame oil soon. Not for your pantry this time, but for your bathroom. Happy conditioning!

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