Rita Hazan Review: Real Hair Care From Rita Hazan

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So, let’s talk about premature graying: I have it. I started getting gray hairs at the age of 15 (I know!). It could have been due to stress or diet; I’m not sure. So, I started dyeing my hair. Being 15, I went for fun colors like blue, cherry red and at one point, blonde, until I realized what a huge mistake that was.

As a teen, the only hair care I had and could afford were those tiny conditioners that come in the packages that last about three weeks. My hair inevitably became an instant frizzy mess. I knew little about basic hair care. Things like not shampooing every day, finding the right conditioner, or hair masks infused with vitamin E were foreign to me. All of this basically made my hair a disaster.

So why am I going on and on about my teenaged hair? Well, I found this awesome product line while scrolling through MAC’s website. MAC sells this brand called Rita Hazan, which I’d never heard of before.

It sells hair care products for all types of hair. I bought a bottle called Root Concealer, which is a kind of spray that helps cover up your roots. This can be very useful when you don’t have time to re-dye.

Then I discovered the gloss, which you put on between shampooing and conditioning. Like lip gloss does for your lips, it maintains your color and keeps your hair shiny. These products are only slightly more expensive than my usual hair care, and they last a long time. It’s nice to discover a new brand and find out it’s dependable.

Rita Hazan Company History and Background Explained

Woman with bangs smiling.

Rita Hazan

Let’s talk about Rita. A native New Yorker, Rita started working as an assistant at the Oribe Salon. From the experienced she gained at the salon, she finally opened up her own hair care line in 2003. Three years later, her business had grown so much that she moved it into a larger building, where the headquarters remain today. She was invited to be a guest on Oprah in 2007, and from there her fame skyrocketed.

Rita’s unique styles and products are used by celebrity queens, such as Beyonce, Carmen Electra, Jennifer Lopez, Brooke Shields, Jessica Simpson and Katy Perry. She is a dedicated worker and flies around the US to treat these celebs, who usually allow no-one but Rita to touch their hair.

There is no job title that encompasses all the work that Rita does. She is an artist, a pioneer of style, and a great colorist. There are a ton of fashion magazines that recommend her products and use them on their models. These include Allure, Elle, Glamour, InStyle, and Teen Vogue.

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Is Rita Hazan Cruelty-Free?

I think cruelty-free products are really important. If I’m looking to buy a new shampoo, I spend a few minutes searching around the web to ensure that the company I use doesn’t test on animals. Most hair care products are part of the Leaping Bunny Association, which is a trusted label that ensures none of the products or ingredients were tested on. Surprisingly, it was difficult to find out whether Rita Hazan was cruelty-free or not. Looking on a few websites that record whether brands are cruelty-free or not, it does state that all of Rita Hazan products are, in fact, cruelty free.

Something that is also relieving is that these products are not sold in providers in China, as China has a rule that all products must be tested on animals before being sold.

Rita Hazan Products Overview

Rita Hazan product bottles.

Rita Hazan products.

These hair care products are all for nourishing and improving color-treated hair. I’ve found out that just buying a shampoo that claims it is for dyed hair doesn’t necessarily mean it won’t strip or dull your color prematurely.

Rita Hazan products actually work, and provide some shine to the hair even after it’s been dyed at home rather than a salon. Personally, my gray hair is super stubborn; I guess it just wants to be seen. That’s why I’m super thankful for the root concealer spray that helps me look put together on a day-to-day basis.

For a hair care line, there are about 10 products available, which shows how simple and on-brand Rita is.

  • For maintaining your color, there is a shampoo, gloss, and conditioner.
  • For treating fading dye, there are two types of root concealers: split end spray, a two-step hair repair box, and a protective spray.

Hair masks, mousses, creams, and styling spray are not available through this line, which makes sense. You can use your own favorite styling mousse or spray, and just use Rita Hazan products to help keep your hair the color you want.

Rita Hazan True Color Shampoo Review

Finding a good shampoo that won’t wash out your color is difficult. You want a gentle shampoo that still leaves your hair feeling clean and light. This shampoo has rice proteins and moringa seed extract which provides nourishment to your hair while cleaning it as well. It washes out completely, leaving your hair light and without an oily touch.

Rita Hazan Root Concealer Review

Rita Hazan root concealer.

Rita Hazan root concealer.

Yes, yes, yes! This is the product that made me love Rita Hazan. There are two different root concealers: a touch up stick and a touch up spray.

The spray is perfect for quick touch-ups when you start seeing fading or gray hairs on your roots. It’s actually waterproof and when you spray it on, it doesn’t rub off until you shower that night.

Although the site says it’s a “travel-approved size,” I’ve found this can pretty bulky, so I prefer to leave it at home. It’s a little bit smaller than a regular can of hairspray.

The touch up stick only comes in three different colors and is more appropriate as a brow pencil than a root concealer, especially as it comes with an eyebrow brush. This is portable and just as permanent as the spray.

Rita Hazan Root Concealer Blonde

I’ve never used the blonde root concealer. As soon as my natural brunette hair started showing through my roots, I quickly dyed my hair back to its natural color. The spray root concealer comes in five different colors, and, unlike the stick, it comes in blonde and dirty blonde. If you’re not sure which color would blend in with your hair the best, there is a handy Color Guide on the website that you can follow to see which is best to purchase.

Ultimate shine gloss product bottle.

Ultimate shine gloss.

Rita Hazan Ultimate Shine Gloss Review

This is another product favorite of mine. It sounds a bit much, to add another step in your hair care routine, but it really works. This gloss works for every hair color and you can even use it on non-dyed hair. It comes in five different colors: clear, purple, blonde, brown, and red. The purple color is for brunettes and blondes to tone down orange shades in your hair.

Rita Hazan Pop Color Hairspray Review

Rita Hazan Pop color hairspray bottles.

Rita Hazan Pop color hairspray.

This isn’t available through the website, but I found it on other third-party sites. This spray  comes in fun shades like purple, blue and pink. It temporarily colors your hair so you can use it for costumes or to show your inner flair one day, but you’ll be ready for work the next. I’m not sure how bright these colors are. You may have to layer it on to achieve the desired affect.

Rita Hazan Weekly Remedy Review

The website advertises this box as a “detox for your hair,” which intrigued me. A few of my friends did the whole juicing detox thing, and they said it really helped their stomachs. Unfortunately, though, it made them so crabby for ten whole days.

It’s nice that you can do that to your hair without worrying about any bad side effects. This box contains two products that you use instead of conditioner. You apply both of these products to your hair and rinse them off immediately, without waiting. They are supposed to be lighter than a hair mask.

With the first product, your hair cuticles are opened up so you can fully absorb the helpful nutrients in the second bottle.

The second product closes your cuticles, leaving your hair conditioned, while preserving the color in your hair. It also helps control the frizz.


My hair used to be dry, brittle, and a mix of three different colors because I hadn’t dyed it in a while and my roots were showing through. My gray hairs usually grow in one spot on my head, leading people to call me “Rogue” from X-Men. I like to pretend I look as cool as she is.

Since I discovered Rita Hazan, my frizz is much more under control, and my color lasts much longer. I feel confident and I actually like my look. Rita said in an interview, “Wear your hair, don’t let your hair wear you.” I definitely can see this mantra throughout her hair care line.

Also, I can’t state enough how happy I am to get products from a line that is definitely cruelty-free, with products that actually do what they say. I can say with certainty that I’ll be a lifelong fan.

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