Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick Review: Revlon’s Best?

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If you’re rushing out the front door and looking for a quick way to pull your outfit together, there’s only one thing to do. Chances are your hand is automatically reaching for one of the many lipsticks in your handbag. A swipe of bold or neutral color to the lips can give the illusion that you’ve put some effort into getting ready in the morning. That and spritz of perfume. The truth is, there’s more to those sticks than just the beauty benefits. A good lipstick should be more than just the heavy pigmentation. A quality lipstick is one that nourishes the lips. It not only makes you feel empowered but also really empowers your skin from the inside.

The fact of the matter is that your lips are one of the most delicate and exposed features of your body. This means that while you want to make them pop, it’s also important to make sure they stay hydrated and protected. Lipsticks are not like lip balms, in the sense that they are pure pigmentation for your lips rather than a skin-care product. That’s why Revlon, and similar cosmetics companies, are changing the game with nourishing lipsticks that do more than just add a pop of color.

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick Colors Overview

Revlon Lipsticks

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick Colors

The Revlon Super Lustrous lipstick namesake is based on the fact that this lipstick is made to nourish your lips. They’re formulated with microfine pigments for intense color that’s available in 82 various shades. As if that wasn’t enough, these shades come in four different finishes: crème, sheer, matte and pearl. Revlon’s Super Lustrous lipstick range has got something for you. Whether you’re looking for a subtle look, a little shine or that head-turning glamour. 

The creamy formula is enriched with Revlon’s very own LiquiSilk technology to boost hydration and lock moisture into your lips. The formula contains Silk powder which is a skin conditioning agent. This substance may be derived from animals as the silk fiber is made from silkworms to form their cocoons. This means that this Revlon lipstick is not vegan. I’m a firm believer in the fact that my skin-care products should be as naturally derived as possible, so this would be a hamartia of the product for me.

That being said, the use of natural ingredients like Aloe Vera and Vitamin E definitely bring this lipstick back into my good books. These substances are truly nourishing to the skin and hydrate from within. Whether it’s color, finish or nourishment you need Revlon’s Super Lustrous lipsticks have got options for you. And when it comes to cosmetics, options are a girl’s best friend.

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick Review

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Non-cakey coverage.

Regardless of the finishes of the Revlon Super Lustrous lipstick, the final result is a non-caked, even coverage that glides across your lips. Whatever color you choose from the wide variety of shades, you’ll get a heavily pigmented finish that spreads equally across your lip. I find nothing worse than a lipstick that goes on patchy and takes a careful technique to even out. You won’t find that problem with this Revlon lipstick, thanks to the twist clicking applicator that makes application super comfortable.

The lipstick itself feels lightweight on your lips, despite the thick pigmentation. Especially when it comes to matte lipsticks it can be hard to get that nourishing element. At the end of the day, the reason that they are matte is partly due to the fact that they dry to your lips (and suck every inch of moisture out of it). With Revlon’s Super Lustrous lipsticks, you don’t get that heavily coated, matte feeling that you do with similar lipsticks. It feels light and moisturizing. Two words that I would never usually associate with matte lipsticks. The best advice I’ve ever been given when it comes to my lipstick was “never sacrifice comfort for color”. Your lipstick choice should never do more harm than good, and Revlon definitely got that memo with their Super Lustrous lipstick.

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Thanks to the nourishing ingredients like Vitamin E and Aloe Vera, this lipstick not only adds that perfect kick of color to your lips but helps them too. Your lips are one of the most delicate features of your face and it’s important to look after them properly. We often forget about that when we’re applying our lipsticks and glosses – dabbing on some balm as a hasty afterthought. That’s where companies like Revlon make our lives even easier than we thought possible. Why wouldn’t you add those nourishing substances from your lip balm into a heavily pigmented lipstick? Revlon’s Super Lustrous lipstick asks just that and answers the question with one easy, pigmented, moisturizing glide.

Despite this lipsticks’ nourishing formula, it’s important to note that Revlon as a company is not cruelty-free.  They themselves do not test their products on animals. In countries where they are required to do so by law, such as China, they allow animal testing. For conscious individuals like myself, this would be a real flaw in the company as a whole. With the advancements that we have in technology, there should be no reason to test on animals.

There is a list of over 7,000 ingredients that have proven safe there are plenty of alternatives to choose from. It also allows us to make more mindful and minimal purchases when it comes to our skin care – two approaches that are lacking in the cosmetics industry. Nevertheless, if you’re looking for nourishing results, Revlon Super Lustrous lipsticks have the shade and finish for you. Try them for yourself and see.