Revlon Color Effects Frost And Glow Review

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At least once a month I contemplate dying my hair, but then I’m left with reservations. Should I really be spending money going to a salon? What if the stylist doesn’t share the same vision as me and I wind up hating how I look? That’s when I started looking into DIY options and came across Revlon’s Color Effects Frost and Glow line.

Having used other Revlon products such as lipsticks and nail polishes in the past, I decided that it was worth a try. With this in mind, let’s take a closer look at exactly what Revlon’s Color Effects Frost and Glow is all about. 

Revlon Color Effects Frost And Glow Shades Overview

Woman with hair blowing in face.

Woman with highlighted hair.

If you’re looking to dye your hair the right way, try Revlon’s Color Effects Frost and Glow. The dye comes in three shades. The blonde is best suited for hair that is already blonde to light brown. The honey shade works best for hair that is medium to dark brown. Finally, the platinum is great if you’re looking to create platinum highlights in your hair. Furthermore, the treatment can be used on permed, color-treated or totally untreated hair to achieve a very natural look. 

The best part about this dye is that the formula is ammonia-free. Ammonia is the chemical that is commonly added to hair dyes to  allow the dye to penetrate deep into the hair shaft for a richer dye. Sounds good, right? Well it’s not so great when combined with the knowledge that ammonia is also linked with an array of health concerns.

It’s known to trigger moisture and protein loss in the hair as well as causing an overall pH imbalance in the scalp. This means that Revlon’s ammonia-free formula is an ideal place to start. If you want to dye your hair without stripping of it of all it’s worth, that is.

Revlon Color Effects Frost And Glow Review

Meet Revlon Color Effects Frost And Glow.

Revlon’s Color Effects Frost and Glow gives you highlights which look truly natural without the harshness. The special ingredients, which include the Keratin Moisture Complex, combine to hydrate and protect your hair upon contact.

This way, you’re left with smooth and healthy hair with a fabulous new color. Use both the Light Zones Cap and the Revlon Create-A-Look Hook that come in the pack to personalize your look. This means you can achieve both a subdued vibe or a more out-there style.  And it lets you get  an even color from top to bottom, so your look is natural and salon-worthy.

This dye is also great because it lasts for a while, so you’ll really get your money’s worth. Revlon suggests adding highlights to the front of your hair to frame your face. Then applying highlights to the middle for more dimension and at the back of your head if you want a more encompassing look.

The kit includes a cap, over cap, gloves, bowl, instructions, spatula, the create-a-look hook, cream developer, shampoo, conditioner, and of course, the highlighting powder. So you have everything you need to create the perfect highlights. 


If you’re looking for a change in your look, you’re not alone. But rather than head to the salon, skip the expensive part and enjoy recreating yourself from the comfort of your own home. Revlon, a trusted brand in the cosmetics world, won’t disappoint with their Color Effects Frost and Glow hair kit.

So regardless of what you’ve done to your hair before, with this you’re sure to get just the pizzazz that you’re after.  

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