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In our last post we took a look at the Redken All Soft Shampoo and Conditioner. In this article I’d like to take a look at another great Redken product, the Extreme Leave-In Treatment. High on the list of ‘things which I could live without’ are hair breakage, split ends, and other kinds of damage to hair. Are these the end of the world? No, but they are still annoying.

Many of us have experienced damage to our hair at some point in our lives. Whether it occurred from over-brushing hair, heat, or chemicals, one sentiment we probably all shared was wanting our old hair back. Luckily, repairing and revitalizing damaged hair, or regular hair that is suffering from environmental changes (winter usually invites frizz), is highly possible. In this post we’ll explore the Redken Anti-Snap Leave In Treatment, the award-winning treatment that replenishes, nourishes and repairs hair.

Redken Company Overview

The famed Redken company was founded in 1960 by Jheri Redding and Paula Kent. And fun fact, the company’s name is actually a combination of the names of the two founders!

The Redken brand is committed to making top-quality hair products for consumers. Its cutting-edge chemical makeup is comprised of three proteins to tackle all three levels of your hair – the root, the core, and the tip. This technology allows hair to receive the special rejuvenation it needs to become refreshed, strong, and supple. Keep on reading to find out how the the Redken Anti-Snap Leave In Treatment can bring your hair back to life.

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How To Avoid Heat Damage To Your Hair

Heat damage is one of the most common types of damage that hair sustains. Usually it happens gradually. After continually burning our hair with heat tools or over-enthusiastic blow drying, the day comes when we are awakened to the reality that all the moisture is sucked out of our precious tresses and dry, brittle locks remain. That’s about the scenario that happened to me. By the time I realized how bad my hair had become it was too late for me to avoid heat damage. Instead, I needed to find ways to repair my damaged hair.

But it doesn’t need to get that far. Avoiding heat damage to your hair is simpler than you might have thought. The most obvious cause for heat damage to hair occurs from using hot tools on a consistent basis.

When hair comes into direct contact with heat you can expect hair to become damaged. This means that the best way to avoid heat damage to hair would be to minimize contact with hot tools – hair straighteners, curlers and blow dryers. Once or twice a week, as opposed to every day, could go a long way to maintaining healthy, hydrated tresses. It’s always good to embrace our natural locks as well.

Having said that, there are several other measures you can take to avoid heat damage to hair:

  • Apply a heat protectant spray to your hair before using a hot tool on your hair. This helps to protect your hair from the effects of the heat and prevent or minimize heat damage.
  • Try to leave your hair to air dry instead of blow drying your hair. Or, if you’re low on time, at the very least leave your hair to air dry for twenty minutes and blow dry your hair when it’s semi dry. The same goes for using curlers or straighteners – using them on wet hair fries your hair – the moisture turns into steam. It’s better for your hair to style it when it’s dry (if your hair is wet, you are best off blow drying your hair first).
  • Try to use lower heat levels to minimize damage to hair whenever you are using a hot tool. If you must use a higher heat setting, try to focus on each section for the shortest amount of times possible. The longer the hair comes into contact with heat, the more likely it is to get damaged.
  • It might feel outdated to leave curlers in your hair overnight, but if it gets you lovely curls minus the heat damage, why not go for it? A bit of hair spray the next morning can keep the curls or waves in place. Paired with the right ensemble, it’s a classic look. 

How To Avoid Chemical Damage To Your Hair

Woman with dyed colored hair.

Chemical damage can occur from bleaching and coloring.

Chemical damage occurs from hair relaxers, perms and hair coloring. Hair relaxers and perms strip hair of its natural moisture leaving it dry and brittle, while bleach breaks though the protective layers of the hair to deposit new color, leaving hair weak and prone to breakages.

The best way to avoid chemical damage to hair is not to perm, color or bleach hair altogether. But what are we to do if we’d really like a change in hair color or style?

  • If you decide to color or bleach your hair at home, use a good quality product, they usually cause less damage to hair. Semi-permanent dyes are even better, you need to reapply them more frequently, but they do less damage to your hair.
  • The same goes for perming or hair relaxers, try a semi-permanent hair relaxer, such as keratin smoothing, that does less or no damage to your hair.
  • Consider opting for highlights instead of coloring your entire head; this results in damage to less hair.
  • Do not leave dye in your hair for too long. The longer the bleach or color is in your hair, the more damage your hair will sustain.
  • Do not wash your hair a day or two before coloring or bleaching your hair. The build-up of natural oils in your hair protects the hair and reduces damaging effects when you bleach.
  • Do not bleach burnt or chemically straightened hair – this is probably the biggest no-no in hair care. Chemically processed hair is already weak, and applying more chemicals could result in hair breakages or hair falling out. 

Redken Anti Snap Leave-In Treatment Ingredients Breakdown

The “Extreme” product series is intended for those who are interested in strengthening their hair and scalp. With so many environmental and cosmetic damages which most hair endures on a daily basis, it is no wonder that it can feel dry or brittle, and that it is prone to breakage and lifelessness. That is exactly what the “Extreme” leave-in treatment strives to counter, and that is the reason behind the “leave-in” part of the treatment. It is a product meant for those who want to prevent further damage.

The Anti-Snap Leave-in treatment can be applied to specific parts of the hair, or to the entire head. The treatment should be applied while the hair is damp or still wet. After applying, continue styling as you normally would. According to Redken, when combining this treatment with Redken’s “Extreme” shampoo and conditioner, it can provide even better protection, and lead to a 75% reduction in breakage.

As for ingredients, some are better than others. The formula for this product has changed a bit over time, and it is now a lot more, shall we say, user friendly. While this hair treatment does have a few really great ingredients, such as 18-methyl eicosanoic acid (18-MEA) and ceramide, it also has fragrances (which I am not a fan of).

The first two are good for your hair, and they can help to strengthen and nourish it. The latter is a mixture, meant to give the product – and the hair which uses said product – a nicer scent. Like I said, I am not a fan of fragrances in cosmetics, but this product actually has a nice scent.

Redken Anti Snap Leave-In Treatment Review

Bottle of Redken extreme anti snap leave in treatment.

Redken Anti Snap Leave In Treatment.

First off, I’ll mention that the Redken’s Anti Snap Leave In Treatment is an award winner; it received the Martha Stewart Wedding Big Day Award Favorite Leave In Treatment, having been voted by brides as a favorite wedding hair product. It’s easier to try something new when you know that so many people are happy with the product.

It seems that the leave in treatment is pretty good. The product does multiple things, strengthening hair, increasing elasticity, reducing hair breakages and split ends, protecting against mechanical damage from brushing hair, and providing heat protection, according to the Redken website.

The treatment benefits all hair types, especially damaged hair. This product helps repair damaged hair, which is wonderful! (It is possible to salvage damaged hair, at least partly, so don’t give up on your hair!) Deeply nourishing, it leaves the hair super soft. It’s also excellent for frizzy hair, reducing frizz and smoothing split ends.

To use the product, simple apply the lotion to damp hair and leave it in. So easy! You don’t want to oversaturate your hair with the product, even if your hair is dry. Too much could leave your hair looking wet or oily, you want just enough to deeply nourish your hair.  A little goes a long way.

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It’s heartening to know that there are treatments available to salvage damaged hair. Next time you’re considering chopping off your dry and brittle locks out of despair, wait! Try the Redken Anti-Snap Leave In Treatment first, or a natural DIY leave in conditioner. You might be pleasantly surprised by the nourishing and revitalizing effects the leave in treatment could have on your hair. It may not be good as new, but it’ll definitely be better than before. With proper hair care and use of nourishing hair products you could be on your way to achieving healthier, shinier and thicker hair! 

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