5 Reasons To Go Vegan Today!

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“Vegan” and “vegan friendly” are such buzzwords these days. You’re likely to come across them in most modern recipes or articles about food, cosmetics or beauty products. That’s because so many people are declaring themselves vegan. It’s becoming a way of life for many. So, let’s take a closer look at what that means and why you might want to get involved.

A vegan won’t only refuse meat. They also often won’t eat animal byproducts, even if nobody harmed the animal. This is because of the cruel and harsh conditions that animals who are used for their eggs or milk are often forced to live in. Not to mention the fact that they’re killed after they are no longer producing enough eggs or milk. There are many reasons to go vegan. Here are the top 5!

Because You Care About Animals

Close up of cows in field.

Cows in a field.

This is likely the most obvious one. You would think that today, animal cruelty would be illegal, and the dairy and egg farms would treat the animals with care and compassion. You’d think that, and you’d be wrong. Even if you don’t eat meat or poultry because of the cruelty of slaughter, you should keep in mind that chickens are genetically modified to produce more eggs and are stuffed in cramped, distressing quarters with no space to spread their wings. Once they are no longer producing enough eggs, they are killed for their meat.

As for dairy, a cow is separated only hours after birth from its brand-new calf, so that humans can take all its milk. If the calf is a male, it is raised to become beef, and if it’s female, it’s raised for the same fate, albeit being used for its own milk along the way. Once a dairy cow isn’t giving enough milk, it meets the same fate as its male counterpart: the slaughterhouse. So even if you don’t believe in slaughter, vegans believe that by consuming dairy and eggs, you are enabling it to happen anyway.

Because You Care About People

To raise a flock for the slaughter, you need to make sure your animals are well-fed, so they have a lot of meat, and slaughterhouses will want to buy them. That doesn’t sound like too big a deal, right? Well, you might think otherwise if you knew that millions of people, including children, need to go starving in order to keep animals fed. This is because there is, physically speaking, just not enough grains to feed both farmed animals and the starving masses. According to PETA, if every person in America were to reduce how much meat they ate by just 10 percent each year, the grain that would be saved could feed around 60 million starving people in under-developed countries. Even if you won’t do it for the animals, you might want to think about reducing your meat intake for the sake of those less fortunate.

The Effects Of A Vegan Diet On Your Body Explained

Woman with energy dancing on bed.

Woman with energy.

You’ve probably heard that vegans tend to live longer – and there’s good reason for that. Meat and poultry contain saturated fats and cholesterol, which, when eaten in large amounts, could cause heart disease. In addition, processed meat is just as likely to cause cancer as smoking is. If you’ve ever seen the pictures on a box of cigarettes, then that’s a pretty scary thought. Other red meats, while not actually proven to be cancer-causing, definitely don’t help.

Also, while people who are not vegan may eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, and nuts; vegans still tend to eat more of the healthy stuff. This is because if you’re not eating a steak for dinner, you’re going to have to substitute it for something you do eat – most likely grains or wholesome vegetables. Vegetables, fruits, and nuts have numerous nutrients, help boost immunity, and can help fight against many diseases, including Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, and heart disease. Bonus: eating a plant-based diet is also great for weight loss (no surprises there!).

Because You Care About Our Planet

Farmed animals consume an astronomical amount of water and grains for our benefit. By contrast, a vegan diet uses far less produce (makes sense – have you ever seen how much a cow can eat?). If the meat industry would cease to exist, we could not only feed people who are starving in developing countries but would also be helping the environment.

Livestock also takes up huge amounts of space that we could otherwise use for natural resources. And not to spoil your appetite, but all that animal waste has to go somewhere…..that “somewhere” usually being in our rivers or lakes.

Because You Want To Live An Economical Lifestyle

Hand holding up money.

Meat can be pricey.

A perk of going vegan is that you might end up saving some cash. Not that this is a reason to go vegan, but it’s a bonus. Most Americans spend between $1200 and $1400 on meat, poultry, and dairy products (including milk) per year. If you go vegan, that means an extra $100 to $117 per month that goes straight to your pocket, instead of to the butcher. That’s a nice amount to be saving.


If you care about animals and the environment but love your meat too much to give it up, why not try reducing your intake of meat, eggs, and dairy? If everyone reduces their meat intake just minimally, we would still see a significant positive change in the environment, the number of animals mistreated, and the amount of starving people. While veganism is still controversial, on the whole, science is supportive of a vegan lifestyle. You’ll be doing your body a favor.

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