Pantene Pro-V Series Review

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Pantene is one of the most well-known hair care manufacturers in the world. They have a pretty long history, going back 70 years or so, and in that time they have released some truly groundbreaking products, several of which are still with us. One of those is the Pantene Pro V series.

This post aims to clarify the aim of the series’ various products. Whether you use these products or have only heard of them, there is a good chance this article will be of some use to you. Hair care products have been used since time immemorial, and Pantene has found its place in this global niche.

Pantene Pro V Series Explained

Back of woman's hair blowing over a lagoon.

Woman with healthy, nourished locks.

So, first of all, what does the “V” stand for? V is for vitamin. Pro-vitamins are a kind of “pre-vitamins.” They don’t do too much on the scalp or hair, since they are only made into actual vitamins in the body, science says. So Pantene decided that the Pro-V series will accentuate the benefits which the series’ ingredients provide the user, even though the actual Pantene Pro-V series has possibly less to do with the care that is going on.

The Pantene Pro-V series has lasted for many years, because it is a brand which has proven itself worthy and useful. The series includes shampoos, conditioners, sprays, and other products. Now, I don’t have a lab or the knowhow at my disposal, so I could not test this product scientifically – maybe others have? – but either way, it is the end result which was interesting to me.

I know enough about the world of marketing to know not to believe everything a company tells you. In that sense, Pantene are no different. They used “Pro V” as a marketing angle, same as countless others have done. But what of the actual products?

Pantene Pro V Shampoo Review

Bottle of Pantene Pro V Shampoo.

Pantene Pro V Shampoo.

The classic formula, first engineered in the 1960s by Pantene’s hair wizards, was worked on for countless hours, and was subjected to rigorous testing. The result was the Pantene Pro V shampoo which cleans and nourishes, leaving the hair shiny and healthy. The shampoo is meant for daily use, and is appropriate for all hair types.

It’s a quick, easy, one-stop solution for daily hair care. Works like any other shampoo – lather, wait, rinse. End of story. Obviously, things can change from one hair type to another, or from one set of circumstances to the next, but in general it’s a shampoo which gets the job done, and does it well.

The consistency of the Pantene Pro V shampoo is great and easy to work with, but I have heard that this can change according to location of production. Not all Pantene Pro V’s are created equal, it seems. The smell is also very good, but scents are also incredibly subjective.

Pantene Pro V Conditioner Review

Bottle of Pantene Pro V Conditioner.

Pantene Pro V Conditioner.

Conditioners are a substance which I feel are mostly misunderstood and sometimes misused and overused. I am not a fan of daily conditioning, since I feel it robs the hair and scalp of its original oils.  You might be “fooled” by the Pantene Pro V conditioner since it does not lather up like other types of hair care products. It doesn’t need to.

The work it does is on the inside, and it pulls it off nicely. I only use this conditioner, and others sometimes, if I feel the need to. If I don’t feel like my hair is too oily, I stay away from conditioners, and only use them once every couple of weeks. This one is no different.

This conditioner does not have too strong a scent, which is good as far as I am concerned. It helps to untangle and make the hair more manageable. However, like I said, some people overuse these products, and they end up causing more harm than good. Conditioners are strong, most of the time, so you need to use them appropriately.

Pantene Pro V Hairspray Review

Spray bottle of Pantene Pro V Hairspray.

Pantene Pro V Hairspray.

Full disclosure, I am not big on sprays. I feel that while they do manage to maintain a chosen hairstyle and to act as a quick and “dry” solution on-the-go, there are too many chemicals involved. Too rich for my blood, as they say.

There are several levels of spray (1 through 5), and they are meant to control rogue hairs, and keep hold of your chosen look. The amount of time it will actually hold for changes according to your environment and hair style, but in general it works well. The Pantene Pro V hairspray manages to tame flyaway strands, and it is only somewhat sticky.

I’ve had worse stickiness from sprays, but this is another one of the reasons why I am not a fan. I enjoy the classic “hair in the wind” look, so I don’t mind it if my hair isn’t perfect. As I see it, it is not meant to be perfect, so why try?

As for the Pantene Pro V hairspray: it goes on easy, stays for a few hours, and keeps your style in check. It may be just what you are looking for, for those times when you want to look fabulous in seconds. Style and spray.

Pantene Pro V Original Fresh Dry Shampoo Review

Bottle of Pantene Pro V Original Fresh Dry Shampoo.

Pantene Pro V Original Fresh Dry Shampoo.

For those times between washing and conditioning (too much of a good thing, remember?), there are solutions to let you rock whatever style you want. If you’re interested in keeping your chosen style going, without having to resort to washing it, the original fresh dry shampoo could be your savior.

Pantene maintains that it “cleanses and removes oils”, so if your hair is in an environment which is causing it harm, you can overcome that obstacle by using a dry shampoo. I suppose it is named “original fresh” because it keeps your original style looking, well, fresh. It enhances the hair you have, and provides you with a great look in seconds.

As I mentioned, hairsprays are not my favorite hair care product. Nevertheless, the Pantene Pro V Original Fresh Dry shampoo is one which I can see being of great benefit. The only thing about this product that I didn’t really enjoy was the scent. If you’re going to spray your hair with stuff, I feel you should go with a scent you enjoy.

After using this spray, I followed up with a touch of my DIY tea tree and lavender essential oil spray. I know, the point of this shampoo is to strip away oils, but I happen to love the scent of tea tree and lavender in my hair.

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Pantene came out with the campaign “don’t hate me because I’m beautiful” in the mid-80s. This is a slogan which has taken the world by storm. It still persists, even if many people are not aware of its origins. Does Pantene deliver? Yes. Most definitely yes.

If you use their products, and are happy with their formulas and their results, no reason why you should stop. Not all of their products fit every hair type or scalp – in spite of what the commercials may say – but they have certainly earned their spot in the hair product hall of fame.

Pantene have always been campaign wizards and advertising masters, but none of their adverts, slogans or model-spokespeople would have been worth a thing if the product itself was no good. This is a company which has been a cornerstone, a giant, and a real pillar of the hair care community for decades now.

They are always improving and advancing their formulas and products, but some things – like the classic Pro V formula – seem to stand the test of time. Even if they do make some changes (perhaps they do), the core is solid, tried, and true.

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