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Hairspray is more than just a musical. I know, I know – you already knew that, and chances are that if you did not know that, you wouldn’t be reading this blog post. There are different sprays formulated for various goals or looks. Generally speaking, sprays are there to create a style or look, and/or maintain your hair throughout the day. This is our Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray review, and this is a product hailed as one of Oribe’s great successes – so let’s get to it!

Oribe, the man himself, died very recently (2018). He was a Cuban hairdresser and businessman with a passion for art, fashion, and glamour. He worked his way up, he got involved with the cream of the crop, worked with the A-listers, the “One Name Wonder” supermodels, and other “members only” types – and to top it all off he launched his own line of hair care products in the later aughts.

His vision was a series of products that would harken back to old-world craftsmanship of hairstyling, working in tandem with today’s tech and innovation. He insisted on using the finest ingredients, in order to produce a line of high-end products that would carry his name successfully.

But before we get into dry texturizing, let’s explore a few older methods for adding volume and texture. 

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How To Naturally Give Your Hair More Volume And Texture

smile curly hair

Woman with voluminous, textured hair.

It’s not all about aerosol cans and styling mists, you know. There are some natural ways to provide your locks with extra body. Bear in mind, there is a significant difference between the natural methods written in this section, and a pressurized can full of chemical compounds. It’s not that one is better than the other, per se, it’s that they both go about adding volume in different ways.

So, a few ways to give your hair some love without spraying it with anything (except perhaps water) are:

1. Your Brush And Comb

You would not be surprised to learn just how much a new part, or a back-comb,  can do for your hair’s appearance. There is a lot you can achieve with these two simple tools. Your comb, your brush, even your fingers can make a difference. It’s all about the angle and the fineness or ruggedness.

2. Old-School Leave-In Hair Rollers

Pile of rollers.

Rollers for hair.

Again, not surprising (or so I feel). An older method that still works like a charm. Just throw them on, and carry on with your day (or sleep in them overnight). For those who won’t view it as “unnatural”, hot rollers will do the job faster. It takes time for curls or waves to form without heat, but it is very doable.

3. Hair Masks

Avocados, eggs, vinegar, oils of all kinds, and more. Natural masks are a great way to add texture and workable, touchable softness. You’ll probably need to experiment until you settle on something which fits your hair type, but once you are there, you can work it once or twice a week and watch your hair get that much healthier.

What Is Texturizing Spray?

Girl sitting at beach and raising hand.

Texturized hair.

It used to be that once you got hairspray on your hair – that was pretty much it. There was a kind of grip that these sprays had on your hair. You couldn’t really work with it beyond that point. You were set with whatever style your hair was in. But with a texturizing spray, you’re able to get a lot of movement, and a lot more potential for styling and maintaining – hence the name “texturizing spray”. You can start your morning with one look, and change it throughout the day with little to no issues.

Do you want it seriously poofy, or wavy, or perhaps rigid and more set in its ways? Do you want to be able to create movement and change, rather than leave your hair the way it is? Are you just reserving the option? Then texturizing spray is one you should keep in your arsenal, because it acts differently than an old-school hairspray with extra hold.

Some texturizing sprays will affect the hair in a way that is reminiscent of dry shampoo, and they can actually double as one. Not all texturizing sprays will be able to absorb oil in the same way, so don’t assume anything. Experiment and see how it works and what you can get out of it.

Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray Ingredients Breakdown

Oribe dry texturizing spray.

Oribe dry texturizing spray.

The Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray product has Oribe’s signature concoction (watermelon, lychee, edelweiss extracts), which protects from environmental damage and slows the deterioration of the protein which makes up the actual hair strands. It is chock full of various antioxidants, which are also there to protect and provide balance.

It carries agents that absorb dirt, oil, and other debris. This is what makes it possible to use this spray as a kind of dry shampoo. Heck, for the price you pay, it should take the place of several items, don’t you think?

This spray also has softeners and conditioners, which keep the hair hydrated and shiny. Different extracts offer vitamins and other nutrients, which all come together to give the hair hold and happiness. These nutrients also repair damaged areas of the hair, add volume and body, but not over the top. 

These ingredients are all seriously top-notch, but you need to take the good with the bad. There are also ingredients that might be less desirable in the eyes of them. It is all a question of priorities, really. This product has alcohol, butane, fragrance/parfum, and these are pretty much standard in such products. As you can see, it’s not natural ingredients, although there is an appreciable amount of them, and there is no doubt that they contribute to the success and results of this spray.

How To Use Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray

Man playing with his hair.

Brighten your brassy tones.

Depending on what you want to achieve with it, you can use this spray in several ways:

  • It can be used as an oil-absorbing alternative to dry shampoo. Target the roots and any other areas where there is oil buildup.
  • You can use it to add body and grit to hair. Lift up the hair, spray around, and then use your hands to get the product into your strands, working your way down to the end.
  • With your brush, you can add even more volume by lifting and combing your hair, then using the spray on it.

Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray Review

Close up of woman holding Oribe texturizing spray.

Oribe dry texturizing spray.

A lot of sprays that are out on the market are way too powdery for their own good. Many of them do indeed work, but they can also give hair this crunchy, sandy, or sometimes even waxy kind of feel. If you were going for a specific look and achieved it with a spray, you wouldn’t necessarily want your hair to feel that way. Touchability counts.

Also, some hairsprays have the tendency to provide more volume than you were shooting for. It can be an ordeal to get used to a new kind of spray, but some of them are totally worth it. This one, by Oribe, can give your hair that oomph factor without the uncomfortably gritty or over-matted which some spray provides. This is, in part, what has made it such a stylist’s favorite (or so they say) ever since it was released.

At the time, and maybe even up to now, it was considered pretty revolutionary. Think about it – a spray that goes on clear, and doesn’t leave any white residue? That’s a pretty good deal.  And speaking of the deal, I can’t not talk about the price. No two ways about it: it’s high. Whether you want to splurge or not, it is still pretty high comparatively.

I  set out to review this product regardless of how it’s price stacks up against others in the same category. It’s high, and eventually it’s up to whether or not you feel it is worth the splurge. This is pretty individual, I think. Some wouldn’t pay that sum on general principle. Others will pay it if they can see real value in it. Both are acceptable viewpoints.

This spray has a powerful formula, and it works. However, as mentioned, there is the price factor, so if you are unsure, consider purchasing the small, travel-size version of the spray. The formula of the texturizing spray is safe for colored hair and keratin-treated hair. It has no parabens, and takes advantage of other preservatives. It also provides UV protection for the hair, against the potentially-harmful sun rays.

Is it worth the money? Probably, but it is a splurge nonetheless, especially considering that there are other options that are significantly cheaper, and which could achieve a lot of what Oribe can  (different ingredients, no doubt). Some say that just the Oribe signature scent itself is worth the price. To that I say… don’t get carried away now. You want to spend $46 on a scent? Buy some perfume instead of hairspray, and feel free sniff away.


I think everyone who is into this kind of spray should make an attempt to try it, and if the price is an issue, consider purchasing the travel bottle. It really does do a great service to those in need. Money will always be a point of contention, but consider the source of it. Consider Oribe, the hairdresser himself, and his vision for the future. He wanted high-end professional hair care products, and that’s precisely what these are.

My advice? Find it on sale. There are always sales going on somewhere, and it is all about getting the right price. $46 is a serious splurge, especially when there are other sprays which are highly effective, and for a much cheaper price. But there is no denying that this spray – along with its expensive Oribe scent – certainly has a thing or two on the competition.

Hairdressers and stylists all over the world have been using this dry texturizing spray since it was introduced, and there is no question as to why – it works. It may not be everybody’s go-to, but it’s definitely up there with the best spray products.

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