Organix Baby Food Review: Organic Organix For Kids!

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Organic food has been all the rage recently. I try to buy organic produce as much as possible for myself – and for my kids! The pesticides used at your average commercial farm are unhealthy, but your baby is even more susceptible to damaging affects.

After reading a pretty eye-opening study done by Environmental Health Perspectives showing that children who didn’t eat an organic diet were likely to have higher pesticide metabolite levels than the safe EPA recommended limit, I decided to completely cut out anything I was feeding my children that wasn’t certified organic.

This hasn’t always been the easiest choice. I had to alter my previous shopping habits, but it’s a choice that I am so happy to have made. One bump I had along the road was finding great organic snacks that I didn’t have to prepare myself! It’s tough finding the time to prepare snacks yourself.

This is why I was delighted when I brought home some Organix products for the first time – and my kids loved them! They have become a staple in my home, which is why I feel compelled to share the healthy, tasty goodness with all of y’all!

Organix Company History And Background

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Organix was founded in order to provide an organic baby food option that is, well, easy. Easy because you know what’s inside of it, because you know that it’s nutritious, and because it’s ready made. Organix also has made it a goal to combat misleading food packaging health benefit listings. So many supposedly healthy food companies sneak in quite a bit of refined sugar, unhealthy preservatives and other ingredients we don’t want to be putting into our babies’ tummies.

Everything Organix makes features simple, natural ingredients that are suitable for introduction into your child’s diet at the recommended age. The labels on the back are clear and simple, and everything is organic so you know your child is getting a beneficial, nutritious snack or meal.

Organix Product Overview

These products conveniently separate into age categories from the earliest weaning age (4 months+), to toddlers, and finally for kids. They take all sorts of factors into account, including ingredients that are good for children at these different stages of development, textures and softness for tooth ability, and shapes for different interests as your baby progresses.

Organix Baby Foods Review

bag of organix finger foods carrot sticks

Organix Finger Foods Carrot Sticks

The youngest recommended age to start weaning and introducing food to your baby is when they are 4-6 months old. The foods in this category are all soft and smooth, with very simplistic ingredients. The fruit pots, for example, are literally puréed fruit, with nothing weird or unrecognizable in terms of ingredients featured. They are offered in some delicious flavors including Apple Banana Plum, Apple Vanilla, Apple Blackcurrant, Apple Raspberry, Apple Cherry, Apple Banana, Apple Blueberry, Pear Apple & Raspberry, Apple Peach, and Apple Strawberry.

A light, fluffy porridge is also offered for this age made with rice and corn flour and flavored with Strawberry & Banana, Fruity Apple, or Banana & Mango. Organix Baby Rice (6 months+) is made with rice flour so it’s very soft and baby friendly, and is enriched with vitamin B1 for a nutrition boost. Moving on to 7 months+, the food gets a little thicker and more textured.

The Banana & Plum Porridge and the Multigrain Porridge introduce oat, wheat, and rye flour and are more substantial than the baby porridge, but still light and flavorful. The Mashed fruit is a subtle transition towards solids, giving a yummy chunky blend of Apple & Mango or Apple & Raspberry rather than the completely smoothed out texture of the 4-6 months+ purée.

The Baby Biscuits come in Strawberry, Banana and Creamy Vanilla (our favorite). They come in a ring shape, which is perfect for baby’s little grip. They are crunchy enough for your child to start working out their little sprouting teeth, but soft and crumbly enough to eliminate any choking hazards. There’s also flavored rice cakes in Carrot & Tomato, Apple & Cinnamon, Banana, Cherry, and Raspberry & Blueberry.

Some other great snacks for the 7 months+ cuties are the Tomato Slices, Sweetcorn Rings, Red Pepper Hearts, Cheese Stars, and Carrot Sticks. The carrot sticks are super fun with bright colors, interesting shapes and a puffed crunchy texture. For the little ones who are 10 months+, Organix makes a soft, textured muesli with rice and oat flakes in Raspberry & Banana or Banana, Peach & Apple flavors.

Organix Toddler Foods Review

bag of organix banana puffcorn

Organix Banana Puffcorn

The toddler foods that Organix offers (for 12 months+) are really fun. They start implementing some more complex flavors and spices for the developed toddler palate 😉

These include the “Toddler Savories” Mini Cheese Crackers and Mini Cheese & Chive Breadsticks. Puffcorn, which looks and feels like popcorn without the hazardous kernels and amped up with Sweet Cinnamon or Banana flavoring. Spicy Tomato Stars with onion powder and paprika, Tomato Cheese & Herb Puffs, Saucy Tomato Naughts & Crosses, Cheese & Herb Puffs, Carrot Stix, Salsa Sweetcorn Crocs, Mini Gingerbread Men Biscuits, Farm Animal Biscuits, and Alphabet Biscuits. Give your child a little head start learning the ABC’s!

Organix Kids Cereal Bars Review

Box of Organix Goodies bar

Organix Goodies Bars

These “Punk’d” bars in Strawberry & Vanilla Smash and Cocoa & Orange Crash seem to be trying hard to make healthy food seem cool to kids. I can’t say I’m complaining! The brightly colored packaging does seem to appeal to my oldest – I pack one for him as a school snack almost every day! They both taste great, but we definitely go through more of the Strawberry & Vanilla version faster and it’s super tasty. The bar form is really convenient and it gives a quick energy boost of carbs and natural sugars. And yes, I do occasionally grab for one of these myself. I’m defining the “and up” of “for kids and up” pretty loosely, but these are great for all ages.

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Giving my kids nutritious foods and feeding them a healthy diet is so much easier thanks to Organix. I recommend their products to all of my friends with babies or young kids. Best of all, my kids absolutely love the taste of everything we’ve tried and ask for Organix products repeatedly. Simple and healthy foods are being established as appealing and flavorful, and I know I’m on the right track.

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