Nivea Lip Balm Review And Flavors Breakdown

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If you’re anything like me, you currently have about 5 different lip balms on the go. One at home, one in your handbag, one in the car and one on your office desk – they pop up everywhere but never when you need them most. This led me to delve into researching the million-dollar question – if I have so many lip balms then why are my lips always so dry?

The skin on your lips differs from the skin on the rest of your body in that it has no sebaceous glands, meaning it doesn’t create its own oils to stay hydrated. It also has no melanin which would protect it from the sun. To make matters worse, there are other factors that can diminish the vitality of this compromised skin.

The sun, cold temperatures, and dry heating can minimize the already lacking moisture on our delicate lips. All of this means that choosing the right lip balm is vital in taking good care of your lips. So for those of us who just grab the prettiest looking lip balm on display and then complain our lips are dry as sandpaper – let’s take a closer look at the Nivea Lip Balms range and their lip-changing active ingredients.

Nivea Lip Balm Line Overview

The balance in a lip balm is providing the protective, nurturing essentials combined with the cosmetic qualities you would want to find in a lipstick. Some lip balms provide only the former component making your lips look greasy and slick. I don’t know about you but that’s not the look I’m going for when I’m heading out with friends and need to keep my lips crack-less.

The Nivea Lip Balm line offers that harmonious equilibrium giving you the moisture you need with a slight colored tint. (Don’t worry guys – the male lip care products do not contain any gloss or fragrance, simply sticking to doing what it says on the packaging).

Although a great part of Nivea’s successful strategy is their attention to customers preferences, providing that ‘classic’ product, a substantial aspect of their achievements is focusing on the skin itself. Asking questions like “what will support my skin?” and “how can the skins natural processes be stimulated?” has led them to produce products that deliver results, as well as introducing new solutions to skin care dilemmas.

In a nutshell – Nivea doesn’t compromise on quality, and that’s no exception with their lip balms. There are a variety of different flavors to choose from too, each with their own unique selling point.

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Nivea Lip Balm Flavors Breakdown

The Nivea lip balms are divided into two ranges: care & color and protect & moisture, with a couple of extra exclusives for those of us who like to try something a little different. All the products contain the natural extracts of whatever it says on the label. Strawberry flavor? Strawberry extract. Milk and honey? Milk proteins and honey extract. None of the artificial nonsense. Sounds good? Here’s a closer look at Nivea’s Lip Balm flavors:

Nivea Care & Color Lip Balm

Nivea Lip Balms.

So here’s a break down for all you chapped-lipped lipstick lovers. Need that tint but also need the care? The flavors are these: Peach, Cherry, Watermelon, Blackberry, Strawberry and Shimmer (which contains silk and pearl extract). Each of these provides a varying shade and extremity of tinting to give you that pop of color while actively moisturizing.

This range also includes more subtle fragrances such as Milk and Honey and Vanilla Buttercream (a new product containing jojoba and avocado oil extracts).

Nivea Protect & Moisture Lip Balm

Nivea Mint and Minerals

The Mint and Minerals flavor will give your lips the much-needed love they deserve.

The Protect & Moisture range contains more of the classics that Nivea is best known for. The collection is made up of Mint and Minerals, Recovery Medicated (which they suggest reapplying every 2 hours for best results), Smoothness and Moisture (which contains provitamin B5 – a skin regenerator).

This collection is much more attuned to what Nivea is best known for – none of the frills, all of the outcomes. If you need something that’s going to get you those quick results, then these are for you.

DIY Nivea Lip Balm Recipe And Guide

Avocado oil and halved avocados.

A DIY recipe means you know exactly what’s in it.

There are endless benefits to at-home natural remedies. My top 3 would be:

  1. You know exactly what is in it.
  2. If you can get it from nature, then why consume chemicals?
  3. It’s so rewarding! You’re basically a chemist and your mum would be so proud.

Now that I’ve convinced you, let me show you a step by step guide to concocting your own lip balm.

Firstly place 1 ½ teaspoon of Candelilla wax, 1 tablespoon of avocado oil and s ¾ tablespoon of sesame oil into a container. Candelilla wax is basically a vegan replacement for beeswax (beeswax works just fine too). It will act as the emulsifier and stabilizer, as well as adding that gloss to your lips.

As for the benefits of avocados don’t even get me started. They’re an antioxidant, natural sunscreen, hydrating (due to their easy-absorption qualities,) delicious vegetable. They’re also rich in proteins and vitamins and can cure diseases such as Bright’s disease and Psoriasis. You get it –  I love avocados. Anyway, place all that goodness into a container, and gently melt together (either in the microwave or a double boiler).

Stir the ingredients until they combine to form a mixture. Add a ¼ tablespoon of vegetable glycerin (it hydrates your skin, retaining the skins natural moisture), 6 drops of vitamin E and 8 drops of any essential oils you fancy (I recommend lavender or rose but get creative with it!). Vitamin E is renowned for healing scarred tissue while protecting from sun damage and boosting the regeneration of new skin cells.

Once you’ve stirred in all the ingredients pour the liquid into any (smallish) container you choose and let it solidify at room temperature before use. The only downfall of at-home products is that they lack preservatives which are typically used in cosmetics. Keep this lip balm at room temperature for no more than 3 months to reap its full benefits.


The secret to an effective lip balm is all in the active ingredients. It’s not a lipstick. It’s not about the pretty packaging and the lasting color. Having said that, Nivea’s Lip Balm range gives you both. It’s super practical (true to their brand), but if you want a tint they can provide that too. Their variety of options only prove that quality does not need to be compromised.

While I myself usually reach for a Nivea lip balm I think there’s something deeply satisfying about making your own natural products. Knowing exactly what’s in what I’m using has become more and more important to me over recent years. My stance is that if I can achieve this using the least possible harmful stuff then why would I use anything else?

Yes, it might take a little more effort but a large part of being in tune with your body is through being in tune with nature and recognizing your bodies basics needs. How can I do that if I’m pumping it with chemicals? I guess what I’m trying to say is nature is there for us to harness it. But for now, I’ll settle for my Mint and Minerals Nivea lip balm and enjoy my (finally) non-cracked lips.

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